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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
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Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ... - 4,999 SATA Prep Vocabulary Words (Shah J. Chaudhry)
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ESL Cafe News, Address Book, Bookstore, Chat Central, Discussion Center, Frequently Asked Questions, Graffiti Wall and more.

Edunet Home Page
. - ESL in Canada Social Club
Organizes tours, activities, events, workshops, seminars, outings, ...'s Antrax Report in Flash (Requires the Flash Plugin)
us_anthrax.swf For upper level students only.

How to Improve Your English - Advice for Learners (Johanna Stirling)
Advice on improving speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary,

Survey - May 2004 - Reading Comprehension Tests for ESL/EFL Students: [FRAME] (Nellie Deutsch)
The survey is specifically for English as a second/foreign language learners, th

University College Chicester - International Programs (United Kingdom)
Pre-degree preparation for international students and degree programmes with EFL

Uses of Educational Software by ESL Parents in the United States
By Hee-Jung Jung, Teaching English with Technology, August 2002 - International Student Portal (Andy Saskiy)
Survival Guide, Web Resources, Student Tools, Abroad Greetings, ... - Awesome Karaoke
Sing English Karaoke. - Fun Stuff (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
Fact of the Day, Strange Thoughts, Quote of the Day, Name these animals, ... (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Do you want to learn English Fast in the United States? - Resources (Chris LaBelle)
Timed Reading Lesson, Grammar Exercise, 5-paragraph essay outline (Patricia Codescu)
For foreign-born individuals entering or living in the USA. Green cards, visas, etc.

z-apparently_now_offline-Conversa Language Center's '' (Gerry Thiemann)
Requires MS Media Player. Free live and recorded English classes on the internet with lesson plans.

z_Learning English: Choosing an English language school: FAQs (Chris Nicholls)
Answers to FAQs. What's the best method? How do I choose a school? ... (Ruth Harnish)
Friends helping each other learn English - English Study Links (Jonathan Bissell)
English Study Links

z_z_zz_C Your English - English for Beginners [FRAME] (Carla Cruz D'Elia)
links, exercises, hints, grammar topics (verb tenses) and on-line help.

zz_ESL in Canada Directory (To Win Publications)
Consumer information, advice, recommendations by and for ESL students

zz_Página do Inglês [FRAME] (Pedro Dias)
This page is not in English. English for Portuguese students

zzz_The Language Plaza (Kent Andersen)
Online language learning, teaching software, conferences and meetings, ...


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