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Discovering Phonetics
An article by Veronica Makarova, The Language Teacher Online, March, 1997

English Liquids by Japanese ESL Students: Acquisition of /r/ and /l/
By Walter Dawson, 05/07/00

Neural Plasticity and the Issue of Mimicry Tasks in L2 Pronunciation Studies
By Yvonne F. Stapp, TESL-EJ, January 1999

Notes on Dr. Olle Kjellin’s Pronunciation Teaching Method (Joel Brodsky)
Why It Works, How It Works

Pronounciaton in EFL CALL
By Wlodzimierz Sobkowiak, IATEFL Poland Computer SIG Journal, January 2005

Pronunciation for International Intelligibility (Robin Walker)
By Robin Walker, English Teaching Professional, October 2001

Pronunciation Matters: English Consonant Production by AUAP Students (PDF File)
By K. James Hartshorn, Asia University Publication CELE Journal, 2006

Pronunciation: What Are the Expectations?
By Marcus Otlowski, The Internet TESL Journal, January 1998

Seven Suggestions of Highly Successful Pronunciation Teaching
By William Acton, The Language Teacher Online, February 1997

www.tefl.net - Top fun pronunciation games (Alex Case)
15 ideas


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