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A Comparison of L1 and L2 Reading: Cultural Differences and Schema
By Meena Singhal, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1998

Acquiring Communicative Competence in the Reading Classroom
By Maya Khemlani David, Literacy Across Cultures, 1999

Asian EFL Journal (Korean Pacific International)
Diverse articles on EFL in Asia (teacher training, confucionist influence,)

Automaticity Theory and EFL in Japan with Some Specific Applications for Reading
By Fumiko Yoshimura, Literacy Across Cultures, 2000

Commentary: Can Free Reading Take you All the Way? A Response to Cobb (2007)
By Jeff McQuillan and Stephen D. Krashen, Language Learning and Technology, 2008

Commentary: Response to McQuillan and Krashen (2008)
By Tom Cobb, Language Learning and Technology, 2008

Computing the Vocabulary Demands of L2 Reading
By Tom Cobb, Language Learning and Technology, October 2007

Contrastive Goal Orientations in an EFL Reading Context: Influences on Reading...
By Tung-hsien He, TESL-EJ, April 2001

EFL Extensive Reading Instruction: Research and Procedure
By Bernard Susser and Thomas N. Robb, JALT Journal, November 1990

Enabling a Reader Through Picture Books: A Case Study
By Fatimah Hashim, Literacy Across Cultures, 1999

ESL/EFL Students Lack the Skills to Cope with Reading Comprehension Tests (Nellie Deutsch)
PDF FILE: English is a very important school subject for second language learners. In an e

Extensive Reading vs Skills Building in an EFL Context (Reading in a Foreign Language, 1989)
By Thomas N. Robb and Bernard Susser, Reading in a Foreign Language, 1989

Extensive Reading: What Is It? Why Bother?
By Julian Bamford & Richard R. Day, The Language Teacher Online, May 1997

Extensive Reading: Why? and How?
By Timothy Bell, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1998

First and Second Language Use in Reading Comprehension Strategies of Japanese ESL Students
By Thomas A. Upton, TESL-EJ, November 1997

Four Reading Strategies for High School Students
By Kathie Steele, Chugiak High School

Getting Students More Personally Involved in Their Literature Classes (1) (Robert W. Norris)
Suggestions for improving the teaching of reading classes in Japanese colleges

Graded and Extensive Reading -- Questions and Answers
By Rob Waring, Language Teacher Online, May 1997

How to Develop Reading-To-Do Skills in Engineering Education
By Esko Johnson, Literacy Across Cultures, June 1997

In Others' Words: How Learners Construct Reading Difficulties
By Andy Barfield, Literacy Across Cultures, 1999

Inference: Procedures & Implications for ELT
By Costas Gabrielatos, Karen's Linguistics Issues, April 2002

Interplay Between Reading Tasks, Reader Variables and Unknown Word Processing
By Adina Levine and Thea Reves, TESL-EJ, March 1998

Language Learning Strategies Instruction and Language Use Applied to ...
By Anthony S. Rausch , Literacy Across Cultures, 2000

Lessons from the Rock on the Role of Reading
By Roni Lebauer, The Language Teacher Online, July 1998

Looking at Citations: Using Corpora in English for Academic Purposes
By Paul Thompson & Chris Tribble, Language Learning & Technology, September 2001

Phonemic Awareness: A Key Concept Revisited
By Charles Jannuzi, Literacy Across Cultures, 1998

Phonemic Awareness: Is It Language Specific?
By Brett Reynolds, Literacy Across Cultures, 1998

Reading Authentic EFL Text Using Visualization and Advance Organizers in a Multimedia Learning Envir
By Huifen Lin and Tsuiping Chen, Language Learning and Technology, October 2007

Reading Comprehension Exercises Online: The Effects of Feedback, Proficiency and Interaction
By Philip Murphy, Language Learning and Technology, October 2007

Selection of Reading Texts: Moving Beyond Content Schemata
By Maya Khemlani David & Lynne Norazit, Literacy Across Cultures, 2000

The Language Learning Benefits of Extensive Reading
By Paul Nation, The Language Teacher Online, May 1997

Transforming Your Students' Thinking With Stories
by Nick Owen, Karen's Linguistics Issues, June 2002

TV News in the EFL/ESL Classroom: Criteria for Selection
By David M. Bell, TESL-EJ, December 2003

What One Extensive Reading Program Looks Like
By Marc Helgesen, The Language Teacher Online, May 1997

www.tefl.net - Switching students onto graded readers (Alex Case)
Motivating students to read on their own


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