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Breadth of vocabulary and advanced English study: An empirical investigation
By Erwin Tschirner, Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, 2004

Building Vocabulary Through Prefixes, Roots & Suffixes
By William Pittman, The Internet TESL Journal, July 2003

CALL and Vocabulary Learning: A Review
By Jeong-Bae Son, Journal of the English Linguistic Science Association of Korea

Collocation: pedagogical implication and treatment in pedagogical materials (Costas Gabrielatos)
Definitions of collocation and relevance to ELT. (an essay I submitted during the MPhil in En, 1994)

Computer Assisted Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
By Peter J.M. Groot, Language Learning & Technology, May 2000

Concordancing in Japanese TEFL: Unlocking the power of data-driven learning
By Gregory Hadley, The Japanese Learner: Context, ... (2001)

Corpora and Language Teaching: Just a fling or wedding bells? (Costas Gabrielatos)
TESL-EJ, 8(4), March 2005

Creative Vocabulary Teaching (within the course book-led English Language Classroom)
By Ian Reade, HLT Magazine, September 2000

Current Research and Practice in Teaching Vocabulary
By Alan Hunt & David Beglar, The Language Teacher, January 1998

English Language Garden Portable Electronic Dictionary
By Johanna Stirling 2003

Etymology and Vocabulary Development for the L2 College Student
By Tom S. Bellomo, TESL-EJ, November 1999

Helping Students To Learn the Vocabulary That We Teach Them
By Johanna Stirling 2003

How to Succesfully Use Flashcards - In defence of learning words in word pairs
By Rob Waring, Feb. 2004

How to Use the Semantic Field Keyword Approach to Build Up Vocabulary for Yourself or Learners (John Paul Loucky)
By John Paul Loucky, Seinan Women's University

How Words Work: Collocation
By Brenda Townsend Hall, published on www.suite101.com, June 1999

How Words Work: Connotation
By Brenda Townsend Hall, published on www.suite101.com, June 1999

How Words Work: Focus
By Brenda Townsend Hall, published on www.suite101.com, June 1999

How Words Work: Morphology
By Brenda Townsend Hall, published on www.suite101.com, June 1999

How Words Work: Syntax
By Brenda Townsend Hall, published on www.suite101.com, June 1999

Japanese-English Parallel Corpus and CALL: A Powerful Tool for Vocabulary Learning
A PDF File, By Kiyomi Chujo, Masao Uchiyama and Chikako Nishigaki

Japanese-English Paraphrase Corpus
A PDF File, By Satoshi Shirai, Kazuhide Yamamoto and Francis Bond

Manipulating L2 Learners' Online Dictionary Use and Its Effect on L2 Word Retention
By Elke Peters, Language Learning and Technology, June 2007

Measuring Vocabulary Levels of English Textbooks and Tests Using a BNC Lemmatised High Frequency Wor (PDF File)
By Kiyomi Chuju, English Corpora under Japanese Eyes (June, 2005)

Reading to Learn: Pedagogical implications of vocabulary acquisition research (Michael Critchley)
The Language Teacher, 1998, Vol. 22, No. 12, pp. 15-19

Suggestions on Vocabulary Learning for Japanese Learners of Communicative English
By Katsuhiko Nakagawa (Aug. 5, 1997)

Teaching Animals to Young Learners: A Web-Based Lesson (Olcay Sert)
A web-based lesson for teaching animals to young learners of English.

Teaching the Expression of Time: A concise framework (Costas Gabrielatos)
PDF FILE: In Pulverness, A. (ed.) 2004. IATEFL 2003 Brighton Conference Selections.IATEFL.

Teaching Vocabulary To Advanced Students: A Lexical Approach
By Solange Moras (1999)

Technical vocabulary in specialised texts
By Teresa Mihwa Chung and Paul Nation, Reading in a Foreign Langauge, Oct. 2003

The Effect of Multimedia Annotation Modes on L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: A Comparative Study
By Khalid Al-Seghayer, Language Language & Technology, January 2001

The role of the first language in foreign language learning
By Paul Nation, Asian-EFL-Journal, June 2003

The Vocabulary of Selected Primary School English Textbooks in Japan (PDF File)
A research paper in Japanese by Chujo, Nishigaki, Nishioka, Yamazaki and Shirai

Understanding the Role of Text Length, Sample Size and Vocabulary Size in Determining Text Coverage (PDF File)
By Kiyomi Chujo and Masao Uchiiyama, RFL (April, 2005)

Using Goals and Feedback to Improve Student Performance on Vocabulary Homework
By Dale T. Griffee, The Language Teacher Online, July, 1997

Video in the Language Lab: Teaching Vocabulary
By Donna Hurst Tatsuki, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1999

Vocabox: Activities for developing and activating vocabulary in the English classroom
By Johanna Stirling, 2000

Vocabulary Instruction through Hypertext: Are There Advantages
By Shira Koren, TESL-EJ, June 1999

Vocabulary Size, Text Coverage and Word Lists
By Paul Nation and Robert Waring, 1997

Why should we build up a Start-up vocabulary quickly?
By Rob Waring, 2002

Why Shouldn't Monolingual Dictionaries be as easy to use as Bilingual or Semi-Bilingual ones?
By Philip Scholfield, Longman Language Review, Issue Number Two

Working papers on the Web as Corpus (WaCky)
A collection of papers in PDF format by various authors.


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