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* EFL/ESL Articles from The Internet TESL Journal (iteslj.org)
Articles that have been published in the journal, sorted by topic.

30 Years of TEFL/TESL: A Personal Reflection
PDF File. By Jack C. Richards

A Case for Using a Parallel Corpus and Concordancer for Beginners of a Foreign Language
By Elke St.John, Language Learning & Technology, September 2001

A Child's First Steps in Language Learning
By J. Doug McGlothlin, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1997

A Dialog-Based Approach Toward Interlanguage Development
By William R. Pellowe, The Language Teacher Online, December, 1996

A Guide to Learning Disabilities for the ESL Classroom
By Christine Root, TESL-EJ, April 1994

A Hypercard Random Sentence Generator for Language Study
By Charles Kelly, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1995

A Language Professional's Guide to the World Wide Web
By Carolyn G. Fidelman, CALICO Journal, Volume 13 no.s 2 & 3, 1996

A Mutual Learning Experience: Collaborative Journaling
By Jerry G. Gebhard, March 2007, Asian EFL Journal

A Product-Focused Approach to Text Summarisation
By Esther Uso Juan and Juan Carlos Palmer Silveira, The Internet TESL Journal, January 1998

A Review of 'The Internet TESL Journal'
By David Dycus, Literacy Across Cultures,September 1998

A Review of TOEIC
By Susan Gilfert, The Internet TESL Journal, August 1996

A Scheme for the Obtaining of Language Skills
By Gong Xue-Ping, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1997

A Study of the Effect of Direct Test Preparation on the TOEIC Scores of Japanese University Students
By Thomas N. Robb and Jay Ercanbrack, TESL-EJ, January 1999

A Task-Based Curriculum for Homestay Students (PDF File)
By James Venema & Russell Notestine, Asian EFL Journal, July 2007

Action Research: Something for Everyone
By Gregory Hadley, Classroom Teachers and Classroom Research. (JALT 1997)

Active Learning Through Computer-enhanced Activities
By Joy Egbert, Teaching English with Technology, May 2001

Advertising and Language: The War of Words Between Copywriters and Language Purists
By Joseph W. Sheperd, The Internet TESL Journal, April 1996

Aligning Learning Activities and Assessment Strategies in the ESL Classroom
By Robert F. Tambini, www.geocities.co.jp

Analytic and Systemic Analyses of Computer-Supported Language Learning Environments
By Joy L. Egbert & Leonard M. Jessup, excerpt of an unpublished doctoral dissertation

Aspects of Nonverbal Communication
By Steve Darn, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2005

Aspects of Task-Based Syllabus Design
By David Nunan, Karen's Linguistics Issues, December 2001

Assessing Ethical Standards for EFL Teaching Professionalism (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Robert J. Dickey, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

Assessing the Metacognitive Growth of ESL Student
By Loretta F. Kasper, TESL-EJ, Nov. 1997

Assessment and the Language Teacher: Trends and Transitions
By Geoff Brindley, The Language Teacher, September 1997

Authenticity and authorship in the computer-mediated acquisition of L2 literacy
By Claire Kramsch, Language Learning & Technology, Sept. 2000

Becoming a Cultural Insider: How Holidays Can Help ESL Students' Acculturation and ...
By Natasha Lvovich, The Internet TESL Journal, December 2000

Beyond Conventional Spelling (Fred C. Maxwell)
By Fred C. Maxwell, 1997

Building a Corpus of Comprehensible Text (Reid Wilson)
By Greg Thomson, Language Impact, 2000 (Used by permission of the author.)

CALL and the Internet
By Solange Moras. Use of the internet in EFL. (April, 2000)

CALL is not a Hammer and not Every Teaching Problem is a Nail!
Changing Expectations of Computers in the Classroom
By Judy F. Chen, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1996

CALL: Its Scope and Limits
A speech by Frank Berberich, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1996

Case Study of a Japanese Learner
By Darren Elliott, Institute for Second Language Development (July 2007)

Cell Phone Technology in the Classroom (to stimulate verbal communication) (PDF File)
By Ron Netsu, Asia University Publication CELE Journal, 2006

Chicken Meets on Rise: Meaning in Decline Lexical Havoc in L2
By Yvonne Stapp, The Internet TESL Journal, April 1997

Classroom Perspectives on the Internet
By Tim Newfields, The Language Teacher Online, May 1997

Code Switching as a Countenance of Language Interference
By Richard Skiba, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1997

Collateral Learning and the Soft Skills
By by Julio Menochelli, Karen's Linguistics Issues, May 2006

College Conversation Classes: Beyond Survival
By Craig Smith, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1995

Comics: A Multi-dimensional Teaching Aid in Integrated-skills Classes
By Randall S. Davis, Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, March 1997.

Communicating in English: Flexibility Within a Norm
By Mark Offner, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1995

Comprehension Hot Spots in Movies: Scenes and Dialogs Which Are Difficult for ESL/EFL Students to Understand
By Donna Hurst Tatsuki, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1998

Computer Assisted Language Learning Based on Corpora and Natural Language Processing (Describes a 3-year project)
PDF File: By Jason S. Chang and Yu-Chia Chang

Computer-assisted Conversation Practice as a Part of Communicative Language Teaching
By Anatol Shevel, IATEFL Poland Computer SIG Journal, January 2002

Computers as Communication Tools in the English Class - Their Significance ....
By Jaros3aw Wi1zowski, IATEFL Poland Computer SIG Journal, March 2001

Constructivist Learning
by Dimitrios Thanasoulas, Karen's Linguistics Issues, November 2002

Content Based Instruction in EFL Contexts
By Stephen Davies, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2003

Contract Issues for TESOL Teachers (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Jane Alcott, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

Controversial Issues in the Classroom (Jane Godwin Coury)
Promoting social responsibility in the classroom. Inspired by a plenary at the 4th Southern Cone TESOL Convention

Cooperative Learning Activities for the Foreign Language Classroom
By J. LeLoup and R. Ponterio, Language Learning & Technology, January 2000

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