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Coping with Problems Caused by Stereotypes in Japan
By Mario McKenna, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1999

Creating Interactive Bulletin Boards
By Randall S. Davis, in the summer 1997 issue of the TESOL Journal

Creating Your Own Worldwide Information Mailway
By Randall S. Davis, 1995

Crossing Cultural and Spatial Boundaries: A Cybercomposition Experience
By Julia Gousseva, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1998

Data and gathering it, or why an interview or survey isn't data
By Donald Freeman, HLT Magazine, September 2000

Dave's ESL Cafe on the Net: A Site Review
By Dennis Oliver, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1996

David Kolb, The Theory of Experiential Learning and ESL
By Curtis Kelly, The Internet TESL Journal, September 1997

Definite Article Errors among Japanese Students, An Analysis of ...
By graham [at] unb.br

Developing a Motivational Teaching Practice in EFL Teachers in Slovakia
By Magdalena Kubanyiova, TESL-EJ, Sept. 2006

Developing a Personal Philosophy in EFL for Children
By Aleda Krause, The Language Teacher, September 1997

Developing Your Own CALL Software: The Impossible Dream?
By Frank Berberich, The Language Teacher Online, February 1998

Different Attitudes Among Non-English Major EFL Students
By Hsiu-Ju Lin and Clyde A. Warden, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1998

Direct Speaking Instruction (and the mora-bound, focal stress blues
By William Acton, The Language Teacher, September 1997

Discerning Reality: Lesson Observation as Research (Costas Gabrielatos)
An approach that takes account of the distortion caused by anxiety & lip service

Do EAP Teachers Require Knowledge of Their Students' Specialist Academic Subjects?
By Timothy Bell, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1999

Drowning on Dry Land: An ESL Professor's Adventure as a Non-Native Speaker
By Robert F. Tambini, A nice weekend getaway - that's all it was supposed to be.

DVD: A New Medium for Language Classrooms?
By Vernon Chun, The Language Teacher Online, September 1996

e-Learning Queen (Susan Smith Nash)
Read articles or listen using MP3 Files: Articles/Broadcasts about Education for Teachers

E-mail and Word Processing in the ESL Classroom: How the Medium Affects the Message
By S. Biesenbach-Lucas & D. Weasenforth, Language Language & Tech, January 2001

E-mail in the Virtual ESL/EFL Classroom
By Pieter S. Nagel, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1999

E-Mail Keypals for Language Fluency
By Tom Robb

Educational Hypnosis
By Tim Murphey & Richard Bolstad, The Language Teacher Online, February 1997

Educational Malpractice in TESOL (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Joseph Jung & Paul Robertson, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

EFL Academic Reading and Modern Technology: How Can We Turn Our Students into ...
By Adina Levine, Orna Ferenz & Thea Reves, TESL-EJ, December 2000

Electronic Dictionaries in the Classroom!? Bah, Humbug!
By Dawn Yonally and Susan Gilfert, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1995

Emerging Japanese English
By Troy Miller, Institute for Second Language Development (September 2007)

Encouraging Real World Fluency in the Japanese University EFL Classroom
by Stephen B. Ryan, Karen's Linguistics Issues, March 2002

English as a Lingua Franca in the Brazilian Academic World
By Jane Godwin Coury, ŠJane Godwin Coury 2001

English Communication through Practical Experiences
By Judith D. DeRolf, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1996

English for Medical Purposes: International Medical Graduates
By Susan Eggly, The Language Teacher Online, November 1998

English language learning difficulty in Hong Kong schools
A Ph.D Thesis by George H. Adams

English Loanwords in Japanese -- The Built-In Lexicon
By Frank E. Daulton, The Internet TESL Journal, January 1999

english or English? Attitudes, Local Varieties and English Language Teaching
By John Norrish, TESL-EJ, Nov. 1997

English Teachers' Barriers to the Use of Computer-assisted Language Learning
By Kuang-wu Lee, The Internet TESL Journal, December 2000

English Teachers, Prepare Yourselves for the Digital Age
By Edward Tanguay, May 16, 1997

English Through Drama: A Visual/Physical Approach
By Stephen Whitear, The Language Teacher Online, December 1998

ESL Exams: A Teacher's Guide (Keith Taylor)

ESL Role-Play (George Stocker)

ESP for Japanese Universities: A Guide for Intelligent Reform
By Thomas Orr, The Language Teacher Online, November 1998

ETNI - Articles
10 articles by Barzilai, Hoffenberg-Serfaty, Backer, Warschauer and others.

Evaluating Oral Ability
By Josef Messerklinger, The Language Teacher, September 1997

Exploring Parallel Concordancing in English and Chinese
By Wang Lixun, Language Learning & Technology, September 2001

Exploring Teachers' Beliefs and the Process of Change
PDF File. By Jack C. Richards

Faculty Word Bank on the Internet
By Paul Stapleton, The Language Teacher, January 1998

Foreign Language Teaching Utilizing Images
Posted by Vincent Vandersluis, May 7, 2004 (on www.eslteachersboard.com)

Gambits for Getting Students to Re-read
By Don J. Modesto, The Language Teacher Online, March 1998

Gender and Academic Performance in English Communication Courses in a Japanese University
By John C. Westby, Institute for Second Language Development (March 2006)

Gender Differences in E-mail Communication
By Paolo Rossetti, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1998

Getting Students More Personally Involved in Their Literature Classes (2) (Robert W. Norris)
Case study of a class taught according to premises outlined in a previous paper

Global Issues in the University ESL Classroom
By Gregory G. Anderson, The Language Teacher Online, November, 1996

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