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Linguistics Issues - P.D. or not P.D? That is the question. (Anthony Bynom)
A discussion on the validity of the term `professional development` in ESP/TESOL

Literacy Development Through Peer Reviews in a Freshman Composition Classroom
By Julia Gousseva, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1998

Loanwords - A Pitfall for All Students
By Joseph W. Sheperd, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1996

MA thesis: Negotiation, Noticing and the role of selective crosslingual stategies (Bill Pellowe)
MA thesis (awarded distinction) on the role of classroom L1 in SLA.

Making ESL Learning Fun for Preschool Children (Shelly Vernon)

Making the Textbook More Communicative
By Judith M. Lamie, The Internet TESL Journal, January 1999

Maximizing Students' Oral Skills: The Asian Context
By Suchada Nimmannit, The Language Teacher Online, November 1998

Means of mass memorisation of multi-word expressions
RTF File: By Lindstromberg & Boers, Humanizing Language Teaching, Jan.2005

Memory Enhancement in Language Pedagogy: Implications from Cognitive Research
By Farzad Sharifian, TESL-EJ, September 2002

Mentality Awareness - A Key to Personal Success in International Business Contacts
Russian vs British mentality in business contacts.
By Pavel V. Sysoyev

Mentoring Mainstream Teachers of ESL Students
By Rosalie Mittica , The Internet TESL Journal, October 2003

Methodological Issues in Research on Learner-Computer Interactions in CALL
By V.Hegelheimer & C.A.Chapelle, Language Learning & Technology, May 2000

Mind the Gap: Thoughts on Self Help and Non-judgmental Observation in the Classroom
By John Norrish, TESL-EJ, March 1996

Mnemonics in the ESL/EFL Classroom
By Ronald Gray, The Language Teacher Online, April 1997

Modals in English Language Teaching
by Michael Thompson, Karen's Linguistics Issues, March 2002

Modeling the Strategies We Advocate
By Randall S. Davis , Summer 1997 issue of the TESOL Journal

MP3 Files Will Revolutionize Your Language Learning
By Reid Wilson, Language Impact 2000

Multiple Intelligence Theory and the ESL Classroom -- Preliminary Considerations
By Karen L. Currie, The Internet TESL Journal, April 2003

Musical Activities for Young Learners of EFL
By Abdulvahit Cakir, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1999

My Methodology (for teaching English)
By Costas Gabrielatos (IATEFL Issues 172, April 2003)

New Perspective on the Goals of TEFL in China, A
By Lianzhang Liu, The Internet TESL Journal, November 2003

New technologies, new literacies: Focus discipline research and ESL learning communities
By Loretta F. Kasper, Language Learning & Technology, Sept. 2000

New Ways of Studying Fluency in English
By Harold Smith, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1999

Noticing in SLA: Is it a valid concept?
By Jeremy Cross, TESL-EJ, December 2002

On Tools for Education
A report by Zhi Chen, Kristianstad University, 1997

Online File Storage for Teachers
By Kosta Dimeropoulos, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2003

Online Quizzes - Are they Worthwhile?
By Vera Mello, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1997

Oral Testing and Self-Assessment - The way forward?
by Dr. Andrew Finch & Hyun Taeduck, Karen's Linguistics Issues, October 2002

PA-EFL: A Phonological Awareness Program for Indigenous EFL Students with Hear..
By Leslie Yonovitz and A. Yonovitz, TESL-EJ, December 2000

Personalize Your Instruction with Home Movies and Photographs
By Tim Stewart, The Language Teacher Online, April 1997

Pictures in the Conversation Class: New Use of an Old Technique
By Gu Jianxin, The Language Teacher Online, September 1998

Playing Games in English
By Helene Jarmol Uchida, ELT News, March 2003

Points to Consider when Evaluating Interactive Multimedia
By Warwick J. Thorn, The Internet TESL Journal, April 1996

Potentially Confusing and Embarrassing Differences between American and British English
(Humourously written) By David Barton, The Internet TESL Journal, May 1996

Pre-Service Teachers as Readers and Future Teachers of EFL Reading
By Leyla Tercanlioglu, TESL-EJ, December 2001

Presentation, Practice, and Production in the EFL Class
By Jay Maurer, The Language Teacher, September 1997

Program Factors in Effective Foreign and Second Language Teaching
PDF File. By Jack C. Richards

Quality versus Convenience: Comparison of Modern Dictionaries from the Researcher's, Teacher's and Learner's Points of View
Shira Koren, TESL-EJ, January 1997

Questioning author(ity): ESL/EFL, science, and teaching about plagiarism
By Sharon Myers, TESL-EJ, March 1998

Raising Bilingual Children
By Marsha Rosenberg, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1996

Raising Japanese Students' Consciousness of English Article Usage: A Practical View
By Robert W. Norris, Fukuoka Women's Junior College Studies, 1992

Recording Speaking Tests for Oral Assessment
By Iain Lambert, The Internet TESL Journal, April 2003

Reference in Online Discourse
By Anita Pincas, TESL-EJ, June 1999

Reflective Teaching in EFL: Integrating Theory and Practice
By Santiago Posteguillo and Juan C. Palmer, TESL-EJ, May 2000

Regulating the Unregulated TESOL Industry (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Tom Davidson, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

Reported Belief Changes through Near Peer Role Modeling
By Tim Murphey and Hiroko Arao, TESL-EJ, December 2001

Research on Language Teaching
Links to articles published by Randall S. Davis between 1993 and 1997

Revitalizing the Language Laboratory
By Helen Huntley, WVESL Journal, April 1998

Roles and Competencies of Online Teachers
By Vera Queiroz, The Internet TESL Journal, July 2003

Say What?: Getting Students to Ask Questions
By Randall S. Davis, The Language Teacher, July 1994

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