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Second Language Literacy Through Student-Centered Learning
By Yoko Watanabe and Mark Caprio , The Internet TESL Journal, February 1999

Selecting and Developing Teaching/Learning Materials
By Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao, The Internet TESL Journal, April 1997

Self-Assessment in Language Testing: Reliability and Validity Issues
By Christine Coombe, Karen's Linguistics Issues, January 2002

Simulations: A Tool for Testing
By Randall S. Davis, This article appeared in similar form in the On JALT

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something....: Piloting a Computer ...
By Greta J. Gorsuch & Tom Cox, TESL-EJ, December 2000

Sound Strategies and Computer-based Reading
By Philip Goertzen, The Language Teacher Online, March 1998

Speech Technologies for Language Learning
By Bob Godwin-Jones, Language Learning & Technology, January 2000

Spoken Grammar: Easing the Transitions
By Michael Guest, The Language Teacher Online, June 1998

Spoken Internet to Go: Podcasting
By Steve McCarty, JALT CALL Journal, August 2005

SSLA A review of Studies in Second Language Acquisition Journal [FRAME] (Khalid Abalhassan)
This paper reports a study that reviews Studies in Second Language Acquisition (SSLA), a journal specialized in Second Language Acquisition research.

Starting at the End - Project-based Learning (Lee Sherman)
An interview with Helena Fagan

Stories and their importance in Language Teaching
By Andrew Wright, HLT Magazine, September 2000

Student Evaluation of Teachers
By Stephen M. Ryan, The Language Teacher Online, September 1998

Student Produced Multimedia Projects: Pedagogy and Practice
By Wakao Akiko & Brian Nelson, The Language Teacher, December 1997

Students Designing Web-Based Language Learning Materials: a short overview of my observations
By Stephan Schlickau, Erfurt Electronic Studies in English 2001

Students' Perceptions of English Learning through ESL/EFL Websites
By Shiao-Chuan Kung and Tun-Whei Chuo, TESL-EJ, June 2002

Subscription for Critical Thinking: Newpapers in the ESL Classroom
By Wayne K. Johnson, The Language Teacher, December 1997

Suggestopedia as NLP
By Charles Adamson, The Language Teacher Online, February 1997

Task-Based Approach to Teaching English for Science and Technology
By Gregory Hadley, Nagaoka National College of Technology, January 2000

Task-Based Learning: What Kind of Adventure?
By Jane Willis, The Language Teacher Online, July 1998

Teacher Perceptual Comparisons toward 2 Specific Communicative and Whole Language Dimensions...
By Mi-Young Kim and Charles E. Heerman, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1999

Teachers talking about teaching: Creating conditions for reflection
By Thomas S C Farrell, TESL-EJ, November 1999

Teaching About Sexism with English Composition in a Nigerian Classroom
By Yisa Kehinde Yusuf, TESL-EJ, November 1999

Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations
By David Johnson, TESL-EJ, June 2005

Teaching English Conversation in Japan: Teaching How to Learn
By Mark D. Offner, The Internet TESL Journal, March 1997

Teaching English Intonation with a Visual Display of Fundamental Frequency
By Richard Stibbard, The Internet TESL Journal, August 1996. This article includes tables and 11 images.

Teaching Immigrant and Migrant Students
By Maria Ferreia, Indiana Department of Education. & Sharon Boutwell, Spring Branch School District, Houston TX.

Teaching Japanese-English Bilingual Children to Read English at Home
By Craig Smith, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1996

Teaching Reduced Forms: Putting the Horse Before the Cart
By Robert W. Norris, 1995, 1998

Teaching Speaking: From Accuracy vs. Fluency to Accuracy plus Fluency
By Katsuhiko Nakagawa, published on www.geocities.co.jp

Teaching Speaking: Suggestions for the Classroom
By Robert Sanborn Brown & Paul Nation, The Language Teacher Online, January 1997

TEFL Greece - Articles (Pete MacKichan)
Articles by John Foss, Pete MacKichan, Lia Papachristou and Richard Carr.

TEFL Labour Issues in Japan
By Brett Reynolds, The Internet TESL Journal, May 1996

TESOL Matters - Article Archives
Selected articles back to April 1999.

Testing Communicative Competence
By S. Kathleen Kitao & Kenji Kitao, The Internet TESL Journal, May 1996

Testing: Basic Concepts: Basic Terminology
By Anthony Bynom, English Teaching Professional, July 200

The Adult ESL Literacy Student and Learning Disabilities (NIFL)
How can a learning disability by identified, what teaching techniques to use, ..

The Australian/Japanese Homestay Program and its Positive Contribution to Cross-Cultural Understanding
By Lawrence Klepinger, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1995

The Benefits of Games in Your ESL Lesson Plans
By Kelvin Nikkel, ezinearticles.com, 2008

The Development and Maintenance of The Internet TESL Journal
By Charles I. Kelly and Lawrence E. Kelly, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1998

The effect of self generated cues on ESL Learners'recall of narrative texts (Farzad Sharifian)
A paper on memory enhancement in ESL students

The English Lesson as a Site for the Development of Critical Thinking
By Denise Santos and Branca Falabella Fabrício, TESL-EJ, Sept. 2006

The Impact of CALL Instruction on Classroom Computer Use
By Egbert, Paulus and Nakamichi, Language Learning & Technology, September 2002

The Implementation of a First Year English Placement System
By Anthony Mills, Lillian Swain and Robert Weschler, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1996

The Importance of Teachers Writing on TESOL (By Jill Burton, TESL-EJ, September 2005)
I examine the potential roles of reflective writing in ESOL teachers' learning.

The Integration of Internet-Based Reading Materials into the Foreign Language Curriculum
By Klaus Brandl, Language Learning & Technology, September 2002

The Internet and Foreign Language Instruction: Practice and Discussion
By David A. Trokeloshvili and Neal H. Jost, The Internet TESL Journal, August 1997

The Language Clinic: The Teacher as an Agent of Change
by Andrew Finch, Karen's Linguistics Issues, September 2002

The Language Learner in Acquisitionland, or Through the Black Box (Costas Gabrielatos)
My take on Krashen's ideas (a brief one-page article.) (Feb. 2004)

The Law of Business English in China (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By James P Kelly, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

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