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A Book Review of Dave Sperling's Internet Guide, Second Edition
By L. M. Dryden, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1998

A review of 'Late-Talking Children' by Thomas Sowell (Khalid M. Abalhassan)
A book review Khalid M. Abalhassanof a book for psycholinguistics research

Book Review of 'Warmers & Fillers for the Teacher' by Carolyn Bond (Carolyn Bond)
Reviewed by Susan Hayes on www.angelfire.com.

Book Review: American Legal English: Using Language in Legal Contexts
Review by Dirk Siepmann, TESL-EJ, September, 2000

Book Review: Business English and Communication by Moira Sambey
Review by Jim Bame, TESL-EJ, September, 2000

Book Review: Contemporary English by Podnecky et. al.
Review by Joanne Wilkins, TESL-EJ, September, 2000

Book Review: Designing Language Courses: A Guide for Teachers by Kathleen Graves
Review by Tim Caudery, TESL-EJ, September, 2000

Comparative review of dictionaries for English learners (Tomasz P. Szynalski of www.antimoon)
Comparison of digital dictionaries from Cambridge, Collins, Longman and Oxford

Discussion Starters: Speaking Fluency Activities for Advanced ESL/EFL Students
A review by Lynn Worthington of a book by Keith S. Folse (1996) $24.00, TESL-EJ, January 1977

Electronic Literacies: Language, Culture, and Power in Online Education
A book on the uses of the Internet and other educational technology

Foreign Accent by Roy. C. Major (Book Review)
A book review by Alex Case

Hall Houston's The Creative Classroom - Book Review Hosted at www.tefl.net

Illuminati Order [FRAME] (Dominic Colenso)
Defending the Catholic Faith, exposing the false post-Vatican II Counter Church

Linguistics Issues - How was the Dip? - A Personal Reflection on the DELTA (Alex Case)
A Personal Reflection on the Delta Course (www.cambridge-efl.org)

Recommended Adult ESL/CBET Core Textbook List (Los Angeles Unified School District)
A PDF FILE. 2002 - It's a list of books with short reviews.

Review of the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (16th edition) (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
In-depth review of the legendary EPD by Daniel Jones

Review of the Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
In-depth review of the innovative COBUILD dictionary.

Review of Two Books about Standardized Testing (Tim Newfields)
Reviews a 1999 book by Sacks and 2001 by Popham about standardized tests

Taboos and Issues by Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martinez (2001) (Book Review
A book review by Alex Case

The Internet Guide for English Language Teachers (First Edition)
A review of a book by Dave Sperling, reviewed by Sheryl Olinsky, The Internet TESL Journal, March 1997

www.tefl.net - Academic Vocabulary in Use by Michael McCarthy and Felicity OfDell (Alex Case)
A book review on a self-study EAP book

www.tefl.net - Ice Cream Series- Vanilla (Alex Case)
A book review on a pre-school English textbook with lots of songs

www.tefl.net - Review of Penguin Readers (Alex Case)
Recent fiction and non-fiction titles of all levels

www.tefl.net - Review of Safety and Challenge for Japanese Learners (Alex Case)
includes a discussion of whether to divide students by nationality

www.tefl.net - Review of Top Up Listening (Alex Case)
Three levels of supplementary listening skills books

z_Review of CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues (Saad AlKahtani)
A review of a book on technology


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