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BBC - Business Words in the News
Listen to and read the report then find explanations of difficult words.

Business Body Language: Handshakes, Eye Contact, Posture, and Smiles (Lillian D. Bjorseth)
A 'how to' article aimed at native speakers, but good for business English.

Business Emporium (ESL Business Lessons) (Christopher Yukna)
Business: vocabulary quizzes, tests, eccentric and hopefully amusing.

Business English People (Roger Nowell)
E-zine, forums, web links to articles, reviews, freelance classfieds, jobs, ...

Business in the USA 1/3 - Individual Proprietorship. (1:18) (VOA Special English)
You can listen to the MP3 file and read the text.

Business in the USA 2/3 - Partnerships (1:50) (VOA Special English)
You can listen to the MP3 file and read the text.

Business in the USA 3/3 - Corporations (3:37) (VOA Special English)
You can listen to the MP3 file and read the text.

Business Letter Corpus - Online KWIC Concordancer (Yasumasa Someya)
Also has a corpus of personal letters.

Business Meetings Maze (Michael Vallance)
This is an Internet activity for Intermediate level Business English students

Business Week Podcast - Cover Stories
MP3 Files
RSS = feed://www.businessweek.com/search/podcasts/cover_stories.rss

Emile's Web English - Business English (Emile Alexander Dodds)
Resume Tutor, Styles of Communication, Effective Meanings, ...

Frameworking in Business English Classes
By John Adamson, The Internet TESL Journal, October 2003

How to Write a Letter of Complaint (David A. McMurrey)
I am writing you concerning a problem that has arisen from ...

Japanese Mini Trucks
Japanese mini trucks weigh approximately 1500 pounds and can accelerate to a ...

Marketing Edge Podcast
For native English speakers, but may be good for advanced Business English students.

Mini Led Light Bars (Jerry Desmonde)
We have the best selection of Lightbars, Emergency Lights, Mini Lightbars and LE

Slaying Dragons & Debunking Myths: The Truth about Teaching Business English
By John Hughes, Karen's Linguistics Issues, February 2002

Teen Driver Education [FRAME] (Brain Cobby)
DriversEDonline.com offers a variety of Online Driver Education Classes and even

www.better-english.com/exerciselist.html (Pearson Brown)
Over 180 exercises.

www.onestopenglish.com - Motivating teachers whose Business students miss class (Alex Case)
Advice for school managers

www.teacherjoe.us - 10 Tips for Business Presentations (Joseph DeVeto)
Focus on Contents, Have Strong Openings and Conclusions, Remember Key Words, Prepare with a Watch, ...

www.tefl.net - Common misconceptions about Business English and ESP (Alex Case)
What teaching ESP and Business is really about

www.tefl.net - Job application practice tasks (Alex Case)
CV writing, cover letters, job interview practice games

www.teneric.co.uk - Business Plan Writing Help and Advice (Peter Hale)
Write a business plan with free help, advice, downloads and business forum

www.usingEnglish.com - PDF - Business English Alibi Game (Alex Case)
Narrative tenses speaking practice- Past Continuous/ Past Perfect

www.usingEnglish.com - PDF - Business English Comparatives (Alex Case)
Pairwork speaking comparing business writing genres (minutes, memo etc.)

www.usingEnglish.com - PDF - Business English Going to game (Alex Case)
Talking about preparation for plans

www.usingEnglish.com - PDF - Language Learning Case study (Alex Case)
Case study including lots of common business documents

z_www.asian-business-journal.com (Paul Robertson, Z.N. Patil, ...)
This free online journal is your first step to understanding business in Asia.

z_z_zz_International House Barcelona - Business English worksheets for teachers (International House Eastern Spain)
Quick ideas for Business English classes - speaking activity worksheets


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