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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* TextSTAT - Simple Text Analysis Tool (Freeware for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) (Matthias Huning)
It reads plain text files or HTML and gives concordances and word frequencies

ALLE Evaluation - Choices Freeware
For authoring multiple-choice quizzes. Will run on Windows 3.1 or Windows 95

Alphabet Salad (Marian Goldeen)
A freeware Boggle-type game for MacOS X (10.3 or newer).

Anthony's Concordance and Word Profiling Freeware (Laurence Anthony)
Windows, Macintosh and LInux

Audio Recording: Phil Hubbard's Interview with CALL Review (MP3)
21 minutes, file hosted at nucba.ac.jp.

Audion 3 (Play, Encode, Edit MP3 Files and More) (Macintosh Freeware)
Edit MP3 files without reencoding, change the speed of MP3 file playback (see preferences).

For active drill and practice of grammar and vocabulary

CALL Projects (Nora Nemeth)
Using on-line newspapers, cryptic puzzle, using Star Wars to teach English.

CALL@Chorus (Jim Duber)
Detailed reviews of CALL software and books, CALL demos, and more.

CELIA Mac Listing
Macintosh files in the English subdirectory of CELIA.

Clipboard Speaker - Free Text-to-Speech for Windows (www.neurospeech.com)
Not exactly a native speaker, but it's still fun to listen.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (Call) And The Internet
By Solange Moras, 2001

Computers in Action (Lesson Plans & Ideas) (Steve Quann and Diana Satin)
Integrating Computer Technology into the ESOL Curriculum

Contrarian finding: Computers are a drag on learning (G. Jeffrey MacDonald)
The Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 6, 2004

Information about network software for collaborative language learning.

Dictare - Use iTunes as a Dictaphone - Stop and Pause with Hot Keys (Freeware / Beta Version)
MacOS X: Dictare.dmg

Download Literacy and ESL Software - Practise Your Skills (Bruce Laidlaw)
For Windows and Mac, Practise Your Cloze, Practise Your English, Practise Your Reading, ...

DrillAssistant (Freeware for Windows) [FRAME] (EFKA-Soft)
Training (Flashcards), Multiple-choice and Fill-in.

English Teachers' Barriers to the Use of CALL in University EFL Classes (Arif Bulut)
English teachers' barriers to the use of computer assisted language learning.

esl.bowvalleycollege.ca - Image Magnets - Vocabulary Match (This is not a computer-graded activ)
Listen then drag sentences into the correct order. Print and show your teacher.

esl.bowvalleycollege.ca - Image Magnets - Vocabulary Match (This is not a computer-graded activ)
Drag the picture to the word, then print the page to show your teacher.

esl.bowvalleycollege.ca - Vocabulary Bingo
Play bingo in the computer lab. Each student will have a randomly-generated page

Flashcard software Teach2000 (freeware)
An .exe file (Windows?) Software to help you memorize a foreign language.

HyperCard Templates for Language Learning (Claire Bradin)
Templates you can use to make your own teaching materials. (Macintosh)

iLearnEnglish - Macintosh Freeware (Alexandre Colucci)
Using the speech synthesizer and speech recognition for pronounciation practice.

Integrating E-Language Learning in the Classroom
by Alex Michael, Karen's Linguistics Issues, November 2002

iQuiz Maker (Aspyr Studios)
Free application for Mac or Windows. Make quizzes for iPod.

Java Applets in Education
An article by Pankaj Kamthan, Internet Related Technologies, March 1999

Jlanguagelearn - Generic Language Course Freeware in Java (Cross Platform) (Herr Sebastian Parkitny)
Gap, GapTyping, Grid, Conjugation, Puzzle, Relation, PhraseTyping

Cross-platform Java app based on the Leitner flashcard system. Free, Open Source

Language Teaching Software from Creative Education (Martin Holmes)
Software for Windows, Mostly Freeware, One is Shareware.

Learning English with your Macintosh (Jacek Iwanski)
Freeware? English for Beginners and various dictionaries

Letters Invaders - A Macintosh Freeware Game (Larry Moss)
Based on 'Space Invaders' and designed to imrpove your typing skills.

Link Grammar - A Syntactic Parser of English (Daniel Sleator)
Available for download on the web. Runs under Microsoft Windows and UNIX.

Master Spell (Macintosh Freeware)
Audio to spelling practice, also hangman. Teacher's can record additional words.

MaxAuthor (For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me) (University of Arizona)
A Free Multimedia Authoring System for Language Instruction

Multimedia in EFL (Paul Brett)
Research and articles on using multimedia in EFL

OpenAdim for Schools (Les Richardson)
An open-source, free, web-based School Administration Program (Perl, MySQL)

Oral Interaction Around Computers in the Project-Oriented CALL Classroom
By Gumock Jeon-Ellis, Robert Debski, & Gillian Wigglesworth, Sept. 2005

Pauker: Free, OpenSource Flash Card Learning Application (Ronny Standtke)
It's a cross-platform program written in Java (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, etc

Perl Programs for a Bilingual Paralell Corpus (Asao Kojiro)
The page is in Japanese, but the downloadable .pl files are obvious.

Perl Programs for Making Cloze Tests (Tomonori Nagano and Kenji Kitao)
The page is in Japanese, but the downloadable .pl files are obvious.

Perl Programs for Segmenting Sentences (Asao Kojiro)
The page is in Japanese, but the downloadable .pl files are obvious.

ProVoc (Vocabulary Repetition) (Arizona-software.ch)
(MacOS X). Enter words in 2 languages and you will randomly be asked to type in answers.

Quiz Cards (Flashcards)
Freeware written in Java. It will run on any computer that supports Java 1.2.

s.a.k.InteractivePlayer for ESL (Guastavino Jos´┐Ż Alberto)
A free program to train listening with your favourite movie, Windows

Screensaver for Macintosh - FadeText Screen Saver for MacOS X (Weipin Xia)
Allows you to display randomized flashcards. Customizable, supporting any language with Unicode support.

Screensavers for Windows - Vocabulary learning (www.rockle.com) (Vikram)
Screensavers for vocabulary improvement. Preset vocabulary for a few languages.

SoundScriber (Freeware for Windows 95) (MICASE)
Aides in transcription of digitized sound files. (Dicatation Practice)

Technology as a Tool to Support Instruction (Lynne Schrum)
Education World, Jan. 24, 2000

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