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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
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Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

TESOL CALL Interest Section - Software List (D. Healey & N. Johnson)
Elementary Education Titles, Publisher List, Add a Title or Comment,...

Triadic Scaffolds: Tools for Teaching English Language Learners with Computers
By Carla Meskill, Language Learning & Technology, January 2005

Using the Internet for ESL/EFL (Chang kul Lee)
In teaching English in Korea, I usually ...

UsingEnglish.com - Irregular Verb List Viewer (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
Free Irregular Verb List program for Windows

VocableTrainerX - MacOS X Vocabulary Learning Freeware (Michael Meer)
Enter a set of words and quiz yourself. Requires MacOS X 10.3 (or newer)

Vocabulary Blast (Freeware for Windows 98/2000) (Kashif Manzoor)
Has a dictionary of 2850 words selected for studying for the GRE test.

Web-based Computer Aided Language Learning (Alan Ryter)
Walks teachers through the steps to designing Web-based ESL lessons

WordFast (For Microsoft Word on PC and Mac) - Free
Computer-Aided Translation software using segmentation and Translation Memory

www.merchantos.com - Learning With CALL Software
A short article by an unidentified author.

www.MusicalEnglishLessons.org - CALLing All Schools (Bibi Baxter)
A 1994 review about software for Computer Assisted Language Learning.

z-OUTDATED-HyperCard Classroom: Some are Language Games (Joe Hammons and Tony Peterson)
These stacks require the free Macintosh HyperCard Player

z_Hangman for ESL Students (Download it as a ZIP file.) (Jim Vassila)
Operating system IBM (MS-DOS)

z_Memorust - Bilingual Word Learning Tool (MacOS X Freeware) (Tomas Bartusek)
Input your own word list or download some from the website.

z_z_EFL/ESL and web 2.0: - How to for ESL Students (Craig Wherlock)
eflcourse.wikispaces.com: File Management, Podcasts, Blogging, Wikis, Digital Cameras

z_z_z_A Multimedia Fiasco: Lessons from an IEP Classroom (Colin Sachs)
While quite out-of-date, the general idea of using an existing local area networ

z_z_zz_A Place to Start in Selecting Software
By Deborah Healey and Norman Johnson, CAELL Journal, Winter 1998

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