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Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Kristina Pfaff-Harris' Quick-n-Easy Way to Sign-up for TESL Mailing Lists

Bulletin Board for EFL teachers working in Germany [FRAME]
Information for EFL/ESL teachers about living and working in Germany

An open access environment for the sharing of ideas, research outcomes, ...

EFL Forum for Teachers in Taiwan (Doug Gilbert)
A place EFL teachers to discuss topics related to English Teaching.

ELTASIA-L (ELT Asia) (Rick Reynolds)
The web site of ELTASIA-L a mailing list for ESL teachers in Asia.

ESL Cafe's Discussion Center for Teachers (Dave Sperling)
Perhaps the oldest and largest message board for TESL.

esl-group.com - Teachers' Corner (Phillip Rekdale)
Our homepages and penfriends lists allow our memebers to keep in contact and to make new friends.

esl.meetup.com - ESL Meetup Day (William [No Last Name Submitted])
Meetup with others interested in ESL in your town. Apparently something you sign up for.

everythingesl.net - General Discussions (Judie Haynes)
Share your own ideas on inservicing, lessons plans, classroom activities, ...

ExtremeTechnoELT (Eric Baber)
Community for advanced users of IT and programmers who are involved in ESL

groups.yahoo.com - English for Medical Purposes Discussion Group (Karen Stanley)
discussion of all aspects of teaching English for Medical purposes

groups.yahoo.com - Hwa Kang Journal of TEFL group (Kenneth J. Dickson)
To provoke thoughtful discussion of TEFL, calls for papers, conferences, etc

groups.yahoo.com - Yuki's EFL/ESL Bulletin Boad (Hiroyuki Yukita)
TEFL Situation in the World, Virtual Tours of Schools, Exchanging Email, ...

Indiana Chat
Easy to use chatline, nothing to download, start chatting right away!

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (Roberts, Thorsheim & Rice)
A free service to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges

Let's Talk English - Neurobiological Learning Discussion Board (Dan Janik)
Discussion Group/Board on Neurobiological Learning Theory and Method

Loquela EFL Online (Simon Clegg)
A Moodle for ESL Teachers

Matt Dincel's www.englishpractise.net
For students and teachers forums free lessons.

Matt Dincel's www.teslcafe.com (Matt Dincel)
For students and teachers forums free lessons.

mytesl.com (Aratrha Ltd.)
TESL/TEFL professionals can networking & share.

Nate's China School Review: Teaching English In China (Nathan Mittelstaedt)
Dedicated to helping people looking to teach English in China.

OWCp Collaborative Writing Project (Meteab M. Alzahrani)
A meeting place on cyberspace for English teachers and learners.

ReflectiveTeach.20.forumer.com (Travis Mason)
Forum for teachers of ESL and other subjects.

Not only ESL/EFL, Chat Center, Lesson Bank, Job Center, Web Page Help, The Site Includes advertising.

TESL-L Discussion List
How to Join, How to Post, Listserv Commands, Branches, About TESL-L

TESOL Talk - Korea (Scott Fisher)
A place to share your opinions on teaching English in Korea.

Thaizine Forum (Richard Prunetti)
Forums about teaching in Thailand

The Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar Listserve
an Internet mail list where all aspects of the teaching of grammar are discussed

The ESL/Language ChatBoard
A web-based message board on www.teacher.net.

The TESOL Arabia Email List (Jonathan Aubrey)
How to subscribe to the email list for TESOL-Arabia.

uk.groups.yahoo.com - Word Surfing Discussion Group (Will McCulloch)
to discuss the value of any long-term vocabulary development strategies

uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/englishspecialist [FRAME]
A group for language learners and teachers

Vietnam Teaching Forum (tools.freewebware.com) (Paul John)
A discussion forum about living and teaching in Vietnam

Volterre-Fr's Email Lists for Teachers of English (Linda Thalman)

VoyForums: Taiwan Foreign Teacher's Forum - SSETT Forum
English Teacher's Forum For the Taiwan Area

A world-wide, cross-cultural, and online-community of educators

World of Diversity MOO (Deborah Gill)
Virtual Community to promote diversity and collaboration-all disciplines!

Writing for Webheads (Yahoo Group)
A community of online language learners and teachers.

www.BestEikaiwa.com's Forums (Mark Best)
ESL classroom activities + video and audio support materials (fully searchable)

www.ChristianTESL.com's Forums (Kevin Lowery)
Testimonies, Personals, For Sale, Life in the Field, Churches and Ministries,...

www.eslteachersboard.com - ESL Articles for ESL Teachers
Read articles or post your own articles.

www.eslteachersboard.com - ESOL, TEFL and CELTA forum (Robin Tim Day)

www.eslweb.org - The TESL Reading and Writing Resources Forum (Randall Sadler)
A Forum for ESL/EFL teachers to share materials on Reading and Writing

www.eslweb.org- The TESL Reading & Writing Forum (General Resources) (Randall Sadler)
Forum/Message Board to share teaching ideas, handouts, lesson plans, & syllabi

www.free-esl.com - Discussion Forums
General Discuswsion, Employment, Teacher Training, Materials Writing, ...

www.ingilizcepratik.net - English Forum (Matt Dincel)
Announcements, Help Center, Vocabulary Help Forum, Grammar Help Forum, ..

An academic forum website for the discussion of linguistics including SLA, TESL.

www.onelist.com - Recipes for TESOL (Lucimara Mello)
A discussion list for ESL/EFL teachers to exchange lesson plans and references.

www.teachabroadchina.com - Role Playing Topics
Example: A: Ask your partner to marry you. B: Your partner is going to ask you to marry him or her.

www.teacherfocus.com (Lucy Vaysman)
TeacherFocus.com is an interactive online educator community.

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