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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Content-based Business English Curricula: Retrospective reflections current considerations and ...
By Friedrich Lenz, Erfurt Electronic Studies in English 1997

EFL Tech - France (Jean-Claude Viel)
Deals with English for engineering.

engimag.neuf.fr - English for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists
Links to websites, each with an activity in a PDF file.

English for Academic Purposes (Chintana Srempanichakul)
Skimming and Scanning, Making Inferences, Making Summaries, ...

English for Military Purposes in the Age of Information Technology (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Neil McBeath, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

English for Science - Online Lessons (Buthaina Al Othman)
Six online lessons includes 18 activities created for science college students.

Eurochance - Intermediate Vocational English (GNU General Public License)
English-Spanish Version (with links to Czech, German, Norwegian and Slovak

Eurochance - Language Courses for Visually Impaired People (GNU General Public License)
You can download 'Intermediate English' or 'Advanced English'

Nicolas Moore's Selection of EAP Materials (Nick Moore)
EAP = English for Academic Purposes: Engineering Activities, Research Tools, ...

Oral Presentation Skills for Prospective Business Executives (Time Taylor International Ltd, Hong Kong)
By Z. N. Patil, TESOL Law Journal, January 2006

Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes (Indiana University School of Education)
An online course developed and taught by Carmen Simich-Dudgeon, Ph.D. with assistance from Thom Downing and Marcia Taylor

The United Nations Webcasts
in RealVideo.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Webcasts
In RealVideo. You have to option to show captions, too.

World Economic Forum Webcasts
Using the Real Plugin or WMA plugin. (Requires JavaScript, too.)

www.EnglishClub.com - English for Airline Staff (Josef Essberger)
English for people working in airports and airplanes

www.EnglishClub.com - English for Hotel Staff (Josef Essberger)
Language for people working in the hotel and accommodation industry

www.EnglishClub.com - Meetings in English (Josef Essberger)
Language for holding or attending business meetings in English

www.EnglishClub.com - Negotiations in English (Josef Essberger)
Vocabulary, language, skills and tactics for negotiating in English

www.EnglishClub.com -English for Food and Drink Staff (Josef Essberger)
English for people working in restaurants and bars

www.EnglishClub.com -English for Nurses and Medical Professionals (Josef Essberger)
English for medical staff in hospitals and clinics

www.EnglishClub.com -English for Police (Josef Essberger)
English for law enforcement officers

www.EnglishClub.com -English for Tour Guides (Josef Essberger)
English for people working as guides in the tourism industry

www.tefl.net - Medical Jokes (Medical vocabulary) (Alex Case)
Worksheets for a text matching task based on medical jokes

www.tefl.net - Technical English and Numbers Games and Worksheets (Alex Case)
Four supplementary photocopiable worksheets

z_zzzonadigital's EFL/ESP Freeware for Windows [FRAME] (Hélder Fanha Martins)
Software related to English as a Foreign Language.: Hangman, Anagrams


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