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Interesting Things for ESL Students
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Brief Outline of American English. (Vusalya Azizova)
Get interesting insight on the Language in USA.

History of the English language (Wikipedia)
As all entries on Wikipedia, please remember there is no 'quality control.'

Lingua France - (Radio Show on Australia's ABC) (Jill Kitson)
A weekly program that looks at all aspects of language. (RealAudio & Text)

Short History of the English Langauge: From Rome to the 20th Century (SOON Ministries)
From 'an easy-English web magazine.'

www.englishabroad.ca - Teach English Abroad (Gordon Reisdorf)
Information on teaching English in other countries.

www.EnglishLanguageSpaceStation.com [FRAME] (Chris Speck)
PDF files. Grammar Lessons, Topic Lessons, Teacher Links, Student Links, ...


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