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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

www.esl-lounge.com - Advanced Reading Comprehension - Cookies (Neil Coghlan)
A short story with accompanying multiple choice questions.

www.ESLhandouts.com (Tom Kowalzk)
Share your ESL/EFL classroom materials.

www.eslhq.com worksheet - Matching Quiz - Body Parts
Match words with pictures: nose, lips, teeth, tongue, cheek, eye, hand, ears, ..

www.eslhq.com worksheet - Matching Quiz - Fruits
Match words with pictures: lemon, kiwi, grapes, pear, watermelon, cherries, ...

www.eslhq.com worksheet - Matching Quiz - Living Room
Match words with pictures: ottoman, TV, telephone, sofa, radio, lamp, ...

www.eslhq.com worksheet - Matching Quiz - Prepositions
on, in front of, between, next to, under, out of, in, near, into, ...

www.eslsource.com - Animal Names Word Search (Charles Higgins)
Printable handout for the classroom: bear, dog, leopard, mouse, pig, panda, ...

www.eslsource.com - Birds Word Search (Charles Higgins)
Printable handout for the classroom: seagull, chicken, eagle, frigate, swift, ..

www.eslsource.com - Sea Life Word Search (Charles Higgins)
Printable handout for the classroom: cod, eel, orca, stingray, salmon, ...

www.eslsource.com - Solar System Word Search (Charles Higgins)
Printable handout for the classroom: Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, ...

www.ESLthemes.com - Flashcards (Paul Forde)
Some flashcards for ESL teachers and student games

www.ESLthemes.com - Guided journal writing printables. (Paul Forde)
As Word files or PDF files

www.ESLthemes.com - book reports guides for children (Paul Forde)
Download the images (with right-click or option-click), then print for classroom use. (mirror of esl-resources.com)

www.ESLthemes.com - Build a Paper House (Paul Forde)
Make a model house and learn the related vocabulary. (for children)

www.ESLthemes.com - Cartoon Writing for ESL Students (Paul Forde)
Variety of cartoon pages for students to fill in the speech bubbles.

www.ESLthemes.com - Olympic Activities and Resources (Paul Forde)
You'll need to copy and paste the non-ad parts to print out for the classroom.

www.ESLthemes.com - Swine Flu discussion questions (Paul Forde)
Class discussions related to Swine Flu

www.ESLthemes.com - Swine Flu teaching activities (Paul Forde)
Some teaching resources to help teach about Swine Flu

www.Free-Online-Word-Search-Puzzles.com (Marcel Feenstra)
Maybe the pages are a bit too cluttered to use in the classroom without editing.

www.GermanTeaching.com - English - Free Resources (Katherine Munro)
Free downloads for ESL, including printable classroom games

www.handoutsonline.com - Free handouts for EFL teachers (Justin Dowding)
Handouts for both general and business English, plus review of EFL textbooks.

www.JamesAbela.co.uk (James Abela)
Resources including lesson plans, handouts and a special ELT search engine.

www.KidCrosswords.com - Crosswords and Other Puzzles (Brian Goss)
Not for ESL, but maybe not too difficult: Answer keys available.

www.kidsdomain.com - Christmas Word Search Puzzle
For printing out. Words like, ball, bell, candy, deer, gift, sled, ...

www.mes-english.com - Flashcards (Mark Cox)
Download the PDF and print them out. Easy and free.

www.perfect-english-grammar.com - PDF Exercises to Print for the Classroom. (Seonaid Beckwith)
Mostly 'fill in the correct verb tense' kind of excersizes.

www.rhlschool.com - English Basics
For native English speakers, but some will be usable for high level ESL studnets

www.stickyball.net - Stickyball ESL Resources
Printable things for ESL teachers, such as games and activities

www.superwordsearchpuzzles.com - Grammar Worksheets (Tim Wei)
Printable Grammar Worksheets for Teachers

www.superwordsearchpuzzles.com - Printable Word Searches (Tim Wei)
Word search puzzles with trivia questions

www.teachasiaonline.com - Grammar Quizzes (Steve Jones)
Some grammar quizzes you can print out for classroom use.

www.teaching-esl-to-adults.com - Cloze Exercises for the Simple Present (Teaching-ESL-to-Adults.com)
Print out worksheets for lessons, quizzes or tests. Handouts are in pdf.

www.tefl.net - Financial English pronunciation four syllable word stress (Alex Case)
Copy and paste the 'content' minus all the ads to use as a worksheet.

www.tefl.net- Medical English Mimes (Alex Case)
Copy and paste the 'content' minus all the ads to use as a worksheet.

www.tolearnenglish.com - Grammar Sheets (Camus Laurent)
40 PDF Files

z_esl.about.com - Grammar Banging - Review Your English - Upper Level-3 (Kenneth Beare)
13 question quiz you can print out to use in the classroom.

z_Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy (Kate Singleton)
Addressing topics that affect the health and well-being of your students

z_Ready for First Certificate - Resources for the Textbook (Roy Norris and Hilary Thomson)
Offers downloadable exam papers and worksheets. (Macmillian Publishers)

z_The ESL Garden - Short Stories by Dan Spalding
These are PDF files for teachers. Stories with comprehension questions.

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Are you? (Suzanne Klein)
Reviewing the structures, are you and do you

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - But That's (Suzanne Klein)
Choose the correct prefix: in-, un-, dis-, im-

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Choices (Suzanne Klein)
Selecting the correct form of the word 'choose.'

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Danger (Suzanne Klein)
Identifying the correct usage of adjective and noun forms.

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - L & R Bingo (Suzanne Klein)
Practice distinguishing between L and R minimal pairs.

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Made Of (Suzanne Klein)
made of, made from or made by

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Me Too (Suzanne Klein)
Me too, you took, and same here.

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Missing Cat (Suzanne Klein)
Read the story and choose a, an, the or 'no article.'

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Something (Suzanne Klein)
A quick activity to practice tenses.

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - Superstitions (Suzanne Klein)
Pre-Intermediate Grammar Worksheet

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - What Should I Say? (Suzanne Klein)
Reviewing question and answer structures.

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