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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

An Overview of The Internet TESL Journal's Things for ESL Teachers and Activities for ESL Students (Charles Kelly)
In addition to publishing articles, this online journal offers other things on its website.

BionicTeaching.com - Bob on Blogs (Tom Woodward and Jim Coe)
Download the PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

ChitCh.at - Educational Network
Put lessons online. DRAWBACK = You have to give students your email address.

Claroline - Open Source eLearning and eWorking platform
Build online courses; manage learning and collaborative activities (MySQL)

CNN Money - Best Places to Live
Not designed for ESL, but good for a lesson on describing places.

Critical Evaluation Surveys (Kathleen Schrock)
Evaluation forms which you can use with your students to help them be able to critically evaluate a Web page for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usabilty.

Dave Sperling's Speech about Teaching ESL using the Internet - Streaming Real Audio
Click this link to stay online and listen to a streaming RealAudio file.

DimDim - Free Open Source Web Meeting Software
Presenters must use Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.5 on Windows (XP/2000/2003)

An open source e-learning and course management web application.

Duke University Podcasting Symposium (MP3 Files) (September 27-28, 2005)
If you are considering using podcasts with your students, then listen to this.

Elegg - Elgg is an open source social platform.
Requires PHP 4.3, MySQL 4.1, Apache web server with mod_rewrite installed

ETNI's Keypals Page
Teachers can post requests for keypals and read request by other teachers.

Getting More Out of Hot Potatoes (Gordon Bateson)
How to modify Hot Potatoes quizzes to get detailed info sent to the teacher.

Getting Your Class Connected
Some ideas on using e-mail and homepages. By Dennis E. Wilkinson, The Internet TESL Journal, September 1996

Gong: Voice Communication on the Web (Requires Windows?)
Set up your server for an audio discussion board / Moodle module, online recorde

Grow Your Own: Online Placement Testing
By Maggie Sokolik and Jim Duber, TESL-EJ, June 2002

How to Create Web-based Culture Capsules (Michael Krauss)
A student web project you can do with your students. Presented at ORTESOL 1998

How to make 'The Daily English Show' (Video) (Sarah Lilburn)
This is how it is done. Maybe you can do something similar.

Incorporating Audio into Moodle (Irshat Madyarov)
You can add audio to forums, journals, Wikis and glossaries.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes (Lewis Johnson)
How to Write Activities for the Web, Web Lesson Evaluation Form, ...

Internet Evaluation Webquest
By Kathleen P. King, Tools for Teachers, February 27, 2001

Introduction to the Internet for ESL Students (James Christensen)
Requires a wide screen and uses tables, so it is a little bit slow.

Jing - Freeware Mac or Windows to Create ScreenCasts (Video or Slides)
Teachers can easily explain to students how to do things. Narration is possible.

Kuwait University Unified Remedial English (Buthaina Al Othman)
Six General English Internet Lessons. Perhaps other teachers will find them useful, too.

Language Education Chat System
a chat room for ESL/EFL learners, teachers & researchers

Language Professional's Guide to the World Wide Web (Carolyn G. Fidelman)
(1996) CALICO Journal, Volume 13 no.s 2 & 3

Mike Capstick's Quiz Generators
Match the Terms, Memory Meter, etc. Create quizzes for your website.

MoBlog.co.uk - camera phone mobile blogging community
Free, take pictures and videos with your camera phone and blog with them.

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software packag

Moodle Tutorials - Videos (Rowan Chakoumakos)
Over 10 short videos (YouTube Style) to help teachers learn to use Moodle.

Online Strategic Interaction: ESL Role-Playing via IRC
A description of an Internet-based exercise that uses Strategic Interaction over an IRC network to practice writing.
By Christopher M. Colburn, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1998

Projects Using the Internet in College English Classes
By Victoria Muehleisen, The Internet TESL Journal, May 1997

Question Creation Activity Module for Moodle (Peter Ruthven-Stuart)
requires students to create questions either on their own or in groups

SakaiProject.org - Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) for higher education
An open source CMS (Course Management System)

Syllabus for 'Computers and English Education'
Other teachers teaching a similar course might find this useful to look at.

Teaching ESL listening comprehension through podcasting (Volker Hegelheimer)
project overview

Ten Tips for Effective E-Mail (Ellen Dowling)
It's for native English speakers, but could easily be adapted for ESL students.

The Daily Word on the Web: How I Use It
By Tomoyasu Kimura, The Internet TESL Journal, March 1997

The Design and Utilisation of an Internet Resource for Business English Learners
By Michael Vallance, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1996

The Internet and Foreign Language Education: Benefits and Challenges
By Meena Singhal, The Internet TESL Journal, June 1997

The Internet for English Teaching: Guidelines for Teachers
An article by Mark Warschauer & P. Fawn Whittaker, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1997

The Internet in the EFL Classroom (Johan Graus)
An evaluation of the usefulness of the Internet in the EFL classroom

The Internet Mini-Course (Helen Hoyt Schmidt)
It's by an ESL teacher.

The Roadmap to the Internet (BeOnTheNet Inc.)
Free Lessons on How to Use the Internet by Patrick Crispen

A free tool to send students to specific sites, and tell them what to do there.

Web Projects for the ESL/EFL Class: Famous Japanese Personages
By Thomas N. Robb, Vol. 6, No. 4 of the CAELL Journal (Winter 1995/1996)

Web-Based Lesson Plans for Adult Literacy (David J. Rosen)
Women's History, Getting Around Boston, ..., some links are outdated.

WebQuest Page (Bernie Dodge)
'Treasure Hunts' 'Scavenger Hunts; Examples, a 'Rubric' rating system, ...

WebQuest Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks (Bernie Dodge)
Retelling, Compilation, Mystery, Journalistic Tasks, ... (1999)

World Wide William - A Shakespeare Project
By Iwona Filip, Teaching English with Technology, August 2002

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