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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students
By Charles Kelly, The Internet TESL Journal, March 2000

* Marmo's JavaScript Templates (Marmo Soemarmo)
Various ways to make interactive JavaScript quizzes on the web.

* Potato Skins - CrossSkins: crossword activities tool (Brian Nelson)
A freeware Flash program that can dispaly puzzles made with JCross from Hot Potatoes.

* Potato Skins: multiple-choice activities tool (Brian Nelson)
A graphical shell for multiple-choice actvities made with JBC from Hot Potatoes

Accessible Design for Users with Disabilities (Jakob Nielsen)
Be careful when writing web pages and those with disabilities may use your page.

Add 'Hangman' and other Flash games to your website. (NovelGames.com)
This hangman is limited to high frequency words, so is good for ESL.

Add the search engine for 'TESL/TEFL Links' to your page.
You can easily add this search engine code to your own web page.

Audacity - the free, cross-platform audio editor
Edit sound files using Windows, Mac, Linux, or FreeBSD

Barebones Guide to HTML (Kevin Werbach)
Lists every official HTML tag in common usage. Directly download the text file version.

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Free website builder

CAST: Bobby (Web Page Accessibility Verifier)
Analyzes single web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities.

Character Set Converter - Web Based
Convert your web page's encoding. For example, to unicode (UTF-8).

Charles Kelly's HTML Quiz Writer for Macintosh (Charles I. Kelly)
A HyperCard Stack for Macintosh which can easily generate quizzes which can be donated to Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students or put on your own site.

Cleaning Up After WYSIWYG HTML Editors (Daniel R. Tobias)
If you must use a WYSIWYG editor, at least try to clean up after it.

clear.msu.edu - Online Activity Creator
Requires giving your email address to create an account. Quiz makers

Clip Art Collection for Foreign Language Instruction (Kazumi Hatasa)
Free for not-for-profit educational purposes., Drawings Representing Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns

Copyright Issues on the Web
By Kristina Pfaff-Harris, The Internet TESL Journal, October 1996

Creating Language Interactivity on the Web (1997) [FRAME] (Simon Rak and Others)
Feedback Using Pull-Down Menus & Radio Buttons; Writing a Quiz, Forms, ...

CSE HTML Validator Lite - Windows Freeware (AI Internet Solutions)
Free HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker. Includes a spell checker.

David K. Jordan's (Online) Matchmaker Quizmaking Program (Free) (David K. Jordan)
Easily make JavaScript matching quizzes to put on your website.

Dennie's Web CALL Reference Desk (Dennie Hoopingarner)
FAQ on Copyright, Embedding realAudio and realVideo, Using FTP, Free ClipArt

Designing Attractive Web Pages (Charlie Morris)
DHTML, HTML, VRML,...., Layout, Navigation, Images, ...., Tools, Formats, ....

Engaging Students by Using Internet Tricks (1997)
By F. Robert Jacobs, (Class Voting, Practice Exams, Direct Loading of Files)

ESL/EFL Web Sites We Would Like to See
A page where ESL Web users tell Web developers know what they would like to see.

Evaluating Web Site Accessibility (Jared Smith)
How accessible is your website for people with handicaps? (Written March 2004)

Free Testmakers (Free for Non-commercial Use) (Carl Adler)
Make Fill-in-the-blank or Multiple-choice JavaScript quizzes

FreeScreenCast.com - A Video on How to Use It
This site requires a Windows computer to create the vidoe, but watchable by any.

Game-O-Matic (Dennie Hoopingarner)
A suite of wizards that create web-based activities for language learning.

Generate a Bilingual Vocabulary List for the Web (Charles Kelly)
An easy way to generate a web page with vocabulary words.

Half-Baked Software - Hot Potatoes (S. Arnell, M. Holmes & H. Street)
Freeware. 5 applications for creating online exercises. NOTE: Teachers may want to consider using an older version of Hot Potatoes so their quizzes can be used by a larger number of students.

Hot Potatoes - In-Service (3 PDF Files) (Karen Garrett)
Files from a session presented on Jan. 13, 2003.

How to Write for the Web
by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen (1997) - Concise, Scannable, ...

How Users Read on the Web
By Jakob Nielsen (1997) - A 'must read' for web designers.

JavaScript Kit's Instant-grading multiple choice quiz
You can use this script on your own website.

JavaScript QuizMaker (Attotron Biosensor Corporation)
Can be downloaded for Macintosh or Windows. Written in Perl.

Jordan: Making Quizzes (David K. Jordan)
A CGI to make JavaScript Quizzes: Multiple-choice, Definitions, and Matching.

Jordan: Text Box Mini-Glossary Maker for Teachers (David K. Jordan)
Paste your word list into the form to make a JavaScript 'glossary' web page

Kazuhiro Furuhata's Fill-in-the-Blanks JavaScript Quiz Maker
Choose how many questions to make, make them, then generate the HTML code.

Kazuhiro Furuhata's Radio-Button JavaScript Quiz Maker
Choose how many questions to make, make them, then generate the HTML code.

Language Interactive (Robert Godwin-Jones)
A Trailguide to Creating Dynamic Web Pages. JavaScript, Java, CGI

Linguaspectrum.com - Publish Crosswords and Hangman Games (Richard Chalmers)
Create crossword puzzles and hangman games and host them here.

List of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
This list may be used to review a page or site for accessibility.

MOODLE (for Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS X, ...)
Free software for producing online courses. Uses PHP and MySQL.

Moonk - Flash Your Media
Free slideshows, videoshows or jukebox for your website.

Nvu - Web Authoring System for LInux, Macintosh & Windows
Freeware & Open Source. Claims to rival FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

Online Language Exercises (Jon Aske)
Introduction to how to write them. (The font size may be too small to read.)

Open Source Portal for Educators, An
By Su, Cheng-chao, TESL-EJ, June 2005 (Moodle, Wiki, Blog, Bulletin Board, ...)

phpBB (Freeware)
Fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package.

phpBB - Opensource Bulletin Board System
GNU license.

Pico Search
Free Search Engine for your site of up to 1500 pages. No advertising on output!

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