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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
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Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

PodBlaze.Com - Free Websites (up to 40 Mb) for Podcasters
Teachers thinking about starting a podcast might want to check this out.

Puzzlemaker.com (Paul Stephens)
You can create word search puzzles, criss-cross puzzles and other online.

Quiz Lab at Funbrain.com (Free)
Teachers can make password-protected quizzes for their students which are saved on the funbrain.com server.

QuizStar - Make Quizzes On-line
Requires giving an email address to use (A spam risk!)

QZ - A Quiz Script Suitable for Word Lists (John Chew)
Written in Perl, tested on Macs, DOS and Unix systems . (Freeware)

Site@School - Open Source CMS Designed for Primary Schools
Students can have up to 99 personal pages. Minimum= PHP 4.3.9, MySQL 2.23.49

TACTWeb (John Bradley and Geoffrey Rockwell)
Text Analysis - Make a TACT database available on the Web - Requires a PC server

Ten Tips for Effective Internet Article Writing (Donald Nelson)
First paragraph clearly states ..., point-wise fashion, short paragraphs, etc.

The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability (Jakob Nielsen)
bi-weekly column, lots of good information on web design

The Tutorial Gateway at Carleton University (1995)
A filter for CGI to make it easier to develop tutorial style questions

Thriving on Screen: Web-Authoring for L2 Instruction
By Jack Kimball, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1998

Tool for Making Make Web Questions
If you read Japanese and can edit the code a bit, this is quite good.

Universal Usability in Practice (University of Maryland)
Enable the widest range of users to benefit from your web site.

University of Minnesota - Interactive Exercise Makers (Created by Swarthmore Mellon Grant Project)
Annotating Text (GlossMaker); Student Input (ClozeMaker, MatchMaker, ...)

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
Over 1,000 images that may be used on your web site if credit is given.

VLC ClozeMaker JavaScript Wizard (Chris Greaves)
You can use this utility to create your own gapped exercises.

Vocabulary Training Exercises - Create Your Own Test
You can use this to create tests similar to mine to put on your web site.

VP Cloze (Tom Cobb)
This CGI makes JavaScript multiple-choice close activities.

Web Mondai Sakusei Tools (For non-commercial use only)
If you can read Japanese, this is a way to put JavaScript quizzes online.

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer (DJ Delorie)
Enter your URL and see what your page looks like on an older browser.

Web Page Design for Designers (Joe Gillespie)
Good ideas, but the site uses low contrast colors, so it's hard to read.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind
How to make the content of your website accessible by those with disabilities.

webwinder.com - Self-Grading Quiz Creator (Site Traffic Magnets)
Input the questions, then have a JavaScript quiz created for you.

What Makes a Good Web Page (Charles Kelly)
A page that should be read by any Web author or potential author.

Word HTML Cleaner - A free-to-use, online tool. (Dean Allen)
This will clean up the poorly-written verbose HTML produced by Microsoft Word.

Write an HTML Self-Study Quiz (Charles I. Kelly)
Easily generate quizzes which can be donated to Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students or put on your own site.

www.classtools.net - Free Flash Games for Educators (Marie-Anne Metz)
Create free games: Manic Miner, CannonBall Fun, WordShoot, ...

www.ESL-Lab.com - Streaming Audio Web Page Creation for Language Learning (Randall S. Davis)
Streaming audio presentation on the creation of interactive audio web pages.

www.readingmatrix.com - Script-O - QuizMaker & Course Page
Register for free to create online quizzes hosted on their website.

www.spunkyenglish.com - The Magnet Maker (Daryl L. Beres)
Create free drag-and-drop interactive activities (like refrigerator poetry).

www.widgetbox.com - YouTube
Add an ESL/EFL YouTube user's videos to your webpage or blog.

Xenu's Link Sleuth (Tilman Hausherr)
Freeware link-checker for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Yale Web Style Manual (Patrick Lynch & Sarah Horton)
Design Strategies, Navigation, Site Structure and much more.

z_LinkExchange - SiteInspector (Email address isn't actually needed.)
Free. Checks HTML design, links, browser compatibility, ...

z_z_Freedom Audio - Web-page Streaming Player
Ideal for Distance Learning. Free for non-commercial use. (Java / JavaScript ) Support for Mac and Linux are to come.

z_z_Mike's Stupid PHP Quiz Generator (Michael Richmond)
The PHP quizzes it makes will only work if 'Register Globals' is ON.

z_z_Multilingual Computing (Robert Godwin-Jones)
Information on using non-English character sets on the computer and Web.

z_z_Webmonkey for Kids:Lessons (Good for Teachers, too.)
Web Design, Using Templates, Putting It on the Web, Learning HTML, Layout, ...

z_z_WordMeister - A Freeware Java 'Hangman' applet.
You can use this to produce games for your ESL students.

zz_Co0l Quiz - The Trivia Website - Write a Quiz
You may write a trivia quiz for your students and put it online here.

zz_Language Teaching programs from Martin Holmes
Freeware (for Windows 95) for creating HTML JavaScript quizzes and other interactive language exercises.

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