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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Academic Vocabulary Gapmaker / Cloze Maker (Sandra Haywood)
Input any text. All words on the Academic Word List (AWL) will become gaps.

Academic Vocabulary Highlighter (Sandra Haywood)
Input any text. All words on the Academic Word List (AWL) will be highlighted.

Anagram Logic Anagram Finder
Enter a word, then find many words that use the same letters. May be useful for creating ESL materials.

Charles Kelly's Online Quiz Generator
Generate a quiz that can be printed to paper or put online.

Cloze Generator - Freeware for Mac or Windows (Kitao and Kamiya)
Make blanks for every n-th word automatically, or make blanks manually.

Cloze Test Creator (L. Georrges)
Choices: Every Nth Word, Articles, Prepositions, Link Words, Auxilaries, etc.

Create Bilingual Multiple-choice Quizzes to Print Out (Nicolas R Cueto)
Easy to use. Copy and paste the results into your word processor if you like.

Developing Learning Materials - Games (University of Minnesota)
Matching Game, Mind-Mapping Tool, Movie Player, PowerPoint to Flash Converter, .

Eclipse Crossword Puzzle Maker for Windows (Freeware)
For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP. It will not run on Macintosh computers.

bingo maker etc.

ESL Handwriting Worksheet Wizard (Nick Ramsay)
Automatically make English writing worksheets for children.

GradeSpeed Lite (Freeware for Windows: GSLiteSetup.exe)
A completely functional version of GradeSpeed, limited to 15 assignments.

Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker (Crossword Weaver)
Makes puzzles for free that you can use in class. It's a demo of a $40 product.

Lexical Tutor's Cloze Passage Builders (Tom Cobb)
Makes cloze exercises.

Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle (Dave Regan)
This page allows you to create word search puzzles using your words.

Mark Cox's 123 Listening.com (Mark Cox)
free listening tests, worksheets, audio and listening test makers

Mark Cox's www.funfonix.com (Mark Cox)
phonics workbooks, worksheet makers, clipart, and phonics games

Mark Cox's www.toolsforeducators.com (Mark Cox)
Free worksheet makers with images

mirus.chat.ru/downloads/ - Freeware Puzzle Generator for Windows (Alisher Muhammadiev)
Generates puzzles and other worksheets that could be used as class activity.

Parapal Cloze (Freeware for Macintosh or Windows) (Charlie Williams)
Make your own cloze (or gap fill) exercises.

Personal Educational Press - Create free educational worksheets from your browser (Heidi Brumbaugh)
Input your word list then get: flashcards, bingo board, quiz, tracing sheet, ...

PowerPoint Game Templates (Jeff Ertzberger)
Whole Class Participation Games

Reading Level Analysis @ eslactivities.com
Input text, then click the button.

school.discovery.com's Teaching Tools
PuzzleMaker, Quiz Center, Clip Art Gallery, Worksheet Generator, ...

Sentence Mix (Freeware for Macintosh or Windows) (Charlie Williams)
Application to automatically jumble sentences to make word ordering exercises

Teach-nology.com - Classroom Materials Generators
Bingo Card Generator, Award Certificate Generator, Progress Report Generator

Teach-Nology.Com - Word Scramble Generator (no.valid.email@worldnic.net)
Enter up to 999 words. Words are scrambled and you get an answer key.

Textalyser.net (Bernhard Huber)
Put text into the form to get information on its readability and complexity.

The CASTLE Toolkit (Computer ASsisted Teaching & LEarning) (Matt Culwick)
On-line authoring of CGI-graded quizzes for the Web. Free.

TunePrompter - Create Your Own Karaoke Videos (Freeware - Mac or Windows)
For ESL teachers, you can also easily make listen-and-read-along videos.

Type IPA phonetic symbols online (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
Online text editor for typing IPA. This didn't work with Explorer on a Macintosh.

Word Tutle Word Search Puzzle Maker (Funbrain.com)
Input your own words to create a 'word find' puzzle.

Word Village's Word Search Puzzle Generator (Joel Comm)
You can quickly make word search puzzles for your classroom from this page.

WordSearch 1.1 (Freeware for Windows Computers)
Good for ESL, since you can create puzzles with no reverse words.

WordSearch Maker (for Windows Computers) (Tom Kuo)

Wordsmyth Vocabulary Quiz Generator
Registration required? Enter a word list and get a randomly-produced matching quiz with our definitions.

www.AwesomeClipartForKids.com - Crossword Puzzle Maker (Tom Rajala)
Enter your information, click the button and generate the puzzle.

www.BarryFunEnglish.com - Flashcard Maker (Barry Kinter)
Print colorful flascards that you can use in the classroom. (Flash required)

www.ESLactivities.com (Justin Shewell)
Crossword Generator, BINGO Card Generator, Picture BINGO Card Generator, ...

www.ESLactivities.com - Bingo Card Generator (Justin Shewell)
(July 2006) Currently there is no charge to use any of the activities or ...
Note: Please inform us if and when this site isn't free any more.

Print crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and word scrambles for students.

www.lessonwriter.com - creates lesson plans and worksheets from a text (Register to save and edit later.)
Input a text, vocabulary list will be built and some exercises automatically.

Create multiple-choice quizzes that can be downloaded onto mobile phones.

www.WordCalc.com - Word Count & Syllable Counter (Matthew Simpson)
Online word count and syllable analysis website.

XWORD Puzzle Generator (Chris Greaves)
You can create crossword puzzles online by just entering a word list.


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