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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

esl4free.blogspot.com - Free Material For Teachers
Download: New English File, More Grammar Games, Listening Practice Files, ...

eslreading.org - Jungle Book Song - The Bare Neccessites (Kieran McGovern)
A YouTube video and a worksheet

eslreading.org - Summer School Resources for English Teachers (Kieran McGovern)
Resources for EFL/ESL summer school teachers

ETNI - Teachers Teaching Teachers
Lesson Plans, Ideas, ... A no-nonsense, fast-loading, non-commercial site.

everythingesl.net - Activities for Summer School ESL (Judie Haynes)
Meet the challenge of teaching ESL summer school

everythingesl.net - Amazing Animals (Judie Haynes)
A lesson for beginners on animals

everythingesl.net - Animal Habitats: The Polar Region (Judie Haynes)
Compare polar regions with ESL students

everythingesl.net - Be a weather reporter (Judie Haynes)
Teach the vocabulary for weather to ESL students

everythingesl.net - Categorizing and classifying animals (Judie Haynes)
Intermediate ESL students will love this animal lesson

everythingesl.net - Growing Flowers (Judie Haynes)
Grow flowers in your ESL class with young students

everythingesl.net - Happy Birthday America! (Judie Haynes)
Lesson plan ideas for July 4th

everythingesl.net - How plants grow (Judie Haynes)
A background in how seeds grow into mature plants

everythingesl.net - How weather effects our lives (Judie Haynes)
Teach basic weather concepts to ESL students

everythingesl.net - Introduce the concepts of American culture (Judie Haynes)
Introduce the basic concepts of American culture

everythingesl.net - Lesson Plans (Judie Haynes)
Lessons for ESL, bilingual and classroom teachers working with K-12 ESL students

everythingesl.net - Nutrition for Newcomers (Judie Haynes)
Engage new students with this thematic unit on food

everythingesl.net - Pumpkin carving (Judie Haynes)
Give students experience with celebrating this American holiday

everythingesl.net - Read and fictional wolves (Judie Haynes)
Conduct research using nonfiction books with young ESL students

everythingesl.net - Santa Claus Around the World (Judie Haynes)
Santa legends from cultures all over the world

everythingesl.net - Settling the Plymouth Colony (Judie Haynes)
This lesson helps teach the concepts of religious freedom and self-government

everythingesl.net - Signs of Spring (Judie Haynes)
Identify the signs on Spring with ESL students

everythingesl.net - Thanksgiving Lesson Plan (Judie Haynes)
Ideas for Thanksgiving lessons

everythingesl.net - TPR is a Valuable Tool (Judie Haynes)
Direct visual instruction for newcomers

everythingesl.net - TPR: Hop! Skip! Jump! (Judie Haynes)
Teach action words through mime. A lesson plan for any age student.

everythingesl.net - Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf (Judie Haynes)
Interviews from Little Red Riding Hood

everythingesl.net - Who's inside the mitten? (Judie Haynes)
A drama for young ESL students based on Jan Brett's

everythingesl.net - Winter Celebrations (Judie Haynes)
Teach about winter celebrations from around the world

Exercises for Lowering Writing Students' Peer Evaluation Anxieties
By Christopher Glick, The Language Teacher Online, March 1997

Expressive Writing Skills Enhanced Through the Use of Poetry
By Prisca Molotsi, Literacy Across Cultures, 2000

Famous People Lessons (Sean Banville)
ESL lessons using biographies of famous people. MP3 Files and a handout for the classroom.

Fingerplays & Rhymes: Five Little Monkeys (Julie Vickery)
number concepts (1-5); counting backwords

Fingerplays & Rhymes: Right Hand, Left Hand (Julie Vickery)
teaches right and left

Fingerplays & Rhymes: Sleepy Caterpillars (Julie Vickery)
Natural processes; vocabulary--caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly

Fingerplays & Rhymes: Teatime (Julie Vickery)
Simple actions; vocabulary--cup, pot, pour, drink; includes teaching strategies

Fingerplays & Rhymes: There Was a Little Turtle (Julie Vickery)
past tense; contrast; includes teaching strategies

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - For the Teacher (Lee Risley)
Blocks/Algebraic Rods, Bulletin Boards, Card Games, Game Rules, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - Foreign Language Mini-Topics (Lee Risley)
Art Activities, Clothing & Body Parts, Colors, Family, Idiom Fun, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - General Classroom Activities (Lee Risley)
Appointments, Pairing and Telling Time, Competition, Describe It, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - Grammar and Spelling. (Lee Risley)
Adjectives, Commands, Demonstratives, Object Pronouns, Possessives, Prepositions

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - Holidays (Lee Risley)
Dia de los Muertos, Sainte Catherine, and Holidays in General

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - Special Activities (Lee Risley)
Animals in the FL Classroom, Class Warm-Ups, Fashion Shows, Native Games, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Activities That Work - Special Times of Challenge (Lee Risley)
Beginning of the Year, End of Class Periods, End of the Year, Fridays, ...

Fran's ESL Publications (Fran Marshall)
A commercial site with some usable samples online. Stories for ESL students, class opener activities

Futonge Kisito's EnglishMediaLab - ESL PowerPoint Video Lessons
ESL Videos lessons for beginners (PowerPoint Videos) These didn't work on the Macintosh computer we used to test it.

Futonge Kisito's www.englishmedialab.com
ESL PowerPoint Videos, Interactive ESL Quizzes for free online learning

Game for Language Teaching - Think Fast (Lindsay Miller)
AIM: Practice old and newly-learnt vocabulary. NEEDS: a ball. TIME: Variable

Games and Activities for the ESL Classroom (Internet TESL Journal)
Games and activities which teachers have found useful. You may also add your own favorite activities to this page.

genkienglish.net - Classroom ESL Games (Richard Graham)
Sticky Fingers, Ostrich Game, Newspaper Sumo, Hammer Game, Banana Tree, ...

Getting to Know You (A handout to use for the first day of class)
By Henry Reese, The Internet TESL Journal, July 1996

Giving and Accepting Compliments
By Gerard Counihan, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1999

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