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Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

AbiSamra, Nada
Resume, Links, Online Materials, Beirut- Lebanon

Ahner, Howard (Nobeoka, Japan)
News from Nobeoka, Miyazaki Ken, Kyushu, Japan

Axtell, Tom (Saudi Arabia)
Tom's ESL Lounge

Bateson, Gordon (Kanazawa, Japan)
CALL, Students' Pages, Professional Pages, ...

Bauer-Ramazani, Christine
Saint Michael's College, Phone number, address, and listing of classes taught

Beech, Peter (Corinth, Greece)
English Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Berberich, Frank (Tokiwa University, Japan)
Cirriculum Vitae, Publicationsmailto:frank@tokiwa.ac.jp

Berman, Jon
University of Aizu, Japan, One of the first ESL teachers on the Web

Buckhoff, Michael
Bio & link to pages on his ESL/EFL Web Site for Students and Teachers

Christensen, James
Studying and Teaching ESL, ESL Links, Internet Guide, Australian Links for ESL Students

Constantino, Bob
Top Ten, Japanese Home, FAQ, Entrance Test, Guest Speakers, Lesson Info, Tuition

Damianos, Damianopoulos A (Germany)
Academic Studies, Bio, Comments and Suggestions, Contact Info, Current Post, ...

Díaz-Cano, Miguel M. Llop
Web links for ESL. 'My Own Resources'

Elvin, Christopher (Kawasaki,Japan)
A list of publications and a link to his website: www.eflclub.com.

ESL Connection's Web Links (Marie G. Nuzzi)
Web Links

esl-tutor.blogspot.com - Teaching ESL to Adults (Debra Garcia)
An ESL tutor's experiences teaching adult second language learners.

Finch, Andrew
Various links to educatoinal resources, including online conversation books

Flotats, Sergi
I use short films on video with EFL students. (Spain)

Gabrielatos, Costas (Athens, Greece)
Profile, Articles & Materials, Services, Links

Gotoh, Hitoshi
Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan) Linguistics

Gwynn, Annie (France)
Useful links,lessons integrating the new technologies,examples of pupils' works

Halderman, Anthony (Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA)
ESL, Photographs, Composition & Research, Writing & Publishing, ...

Hannaway, Francis (Normanby, Middlesbrough)
Francis Hannaway in Poland, Pakistan, Zaire (Congo)

Hannaway, Francis (Middlesbrough, England)
Francis Hannaway in Poland, Pakistan, Zaire and Saudi Arabia

Harris, Simon [FRAME] (Anthony P. Andrews)
www.efl4u.org name still exists, but all the pages are hosted at web.archive.org

Hunt, Chris (Niigata, Japan)
Information for English Teachers and Learners

Hussain, Raslan
SAC Self-Access Centre at SMSTMFP

INJEY, Armelle - The English Corner
The page is not in English. ESL Resources, CD Roms tested in class, articles

Jennings, Geraint
A Russian, French & English teacher

John's 'EFL Teaching in Taiwan'
Personal opinions by John (No Last Name) about visas, teaching in Taiwan, ESL & Taiwan links

John, Paul - Saigon Notes - An EFL Journal
A teacher's journal about living and working in Vietnam.

Johnson, Alison McMahon - Mrs. Johnson's Launch Pad
ESL and American Culture Pages

josue arnulfo jaimes cristancho - EnglishTeachersNet.spaces.live.com

Kabbani, Kathleen
American Community School (ACS)- Beirut- Lebanon

Kanchana's Page
ELT pedagogy and research

Kelly, Charles
Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

Kelly, Larry
Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

Klauer, Cesar (Peru)
Teach English: Links to related web sites, resources, etc.

Leverett, Thomas (Thomas Leverett)
ESL teacher in Illinois, USA

Li, Rongchang
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Lund, Andreas
English as Another Language: Grammar and Poetry, Mazes, Web Projects, Links, ...

Melton, Jay
(Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan)

Miller, Nicholas
A variety of information and links from a renaissance man

Mitchell, A. E.
Resume Information

Mohamed, Salwa Ahmed Sadek (Egypt)
C.V. of Mrs Salwa Mohamed Assistant Lecturer of TEFL

Muehleisen, Victoria
(Waseda University, Japan) Links and information for ESL students

Myer, Margaret - An American Teaching English in South Korea
Information for teachers considering ESL positions in Korea. Noncommercial site.

Nemeth, Ervin [FRAME]
World English School - Contents Page

Norris, Robert W. (Fukuoka International University, Japan)
CV, Novels & Textbooks, Research Papers, University & Work History, ...

Nozawa, Kazunori [FRAME] (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Kaz's Golden Pot - Personal and CALL-related information

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