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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Nuzzi, Marie (Garden City High School, New York)
A wide variety of interesting ESL links

Nuzzi, Marie G.
Links and games for teaching and learning English

O'Dowd, Robeert (Spain)
Links for Students at Leon University, Articles, Presentations and Links.

Offner, Mark D.
Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

Ollikkala, Ted - Education Around the Globe (Singapore)
Living and working in Singapore, Thailand. Job advice, Photo essay, projects.

Opp-Beckman, Leslie
University of Oregon

Orr, Thomas
University of Aizu, Japan

Orth, Klaus (Kawauchi-cho, Japan)
English and German lessons, also online via messenger services

Pereira, John (Kyoto, Japan)
EFL Listening and EFL Speaking, EFL Reading and EFL Writing, Communicative Times

Piech, Matthew
Personal web page for an ESOL instructor in Glendale, Arizona, USA

Ramos, Olivia Celeste S. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
'Mini-Calendar of Idioms' for sale, pictoral tour of some favorite places, ...

Richards, Jack C. (Singapore)
Information about books written by Jack Richards, TEFL/TESL articles, book reviews, ...

Robb, Tom
Kyoto Sangyo University

Rosenberg, Rick (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Associação Alumni

Salam, Urai
The Internet for ESL: My Personal, My Ideas, My Class, Web Links, Tools

Schackne, Steve
Language, Web Teaching, Finance, Travel, Media, Jobs,

Senior, Rob (Barcelona, Spain)
efl alt: Lesson Plans, Glossary, Article, Links, PERL, Barcelona Tips

Shinozaki, Corinne (Japan)
Links, American Holidays, Some Recipes in Japanese, ...

Siskin, Claire Bradin
CALL Resources - CALL Info, Internet for ESL Teachers, Hypercard, QuickTime for the Web, ...

Smith, Brian
(France) All sub-pages in French, Freelance TEFL teacher and materials' writer

Smith, Gerard [FRAME] (France)
Links and humour for EFL teachers

Sparks, Paul (China)
Lesson plans for teaching ESL / EFL in China, includes travel photos

Sudham, Pira (Bangkok, Thailand)
Thailand quiz and other things.

Tedstone, Matthew
Photos of my travels and info about my EFL teaching in Bangkok

Thompson, Douglas
Doug's Korean Connection: All the info you need on teaching ESL in South Korea

Tim VanSlyke's ESL Homepage (Tim VanSlyke)
Chemeke Community College (Salem, Oregon, USA)

Tripp, Steven
University of Aizu, Japan

Vilmi,Ruth (Finland)
Ruth Vilmi's Web World: Discussion forums, resources, and software for language learning and more.

Viney, Peter & Karen
Peter Viney's textbooks: Survival Engish, Handshake, Grapevine, etc.

Walker, Bill (University of Oregon, USA)
Course Requirements and Assignments, Useful links for ESL

Wittenberg, Uriel
A Western-oriented instructor confronts Chinese administrators and students.

Wolfe, Ron
A site designed to assist in getting the job I want!

Wrege, Alex
Alex's Blog, Photos, QuickTime, TESOL Conference Handout

SkatCat's ESL Domain, A teacher's experience in Korea. With pics, sounds, & a "Konglish" page.

z_Blyler, D.A. - The Return of Good Doctor English
Humorous advice column for ESL teachers and students

z_Buzato, Marcelo E (Brazil)
Resume, Articles I've written, ... Requires Java and a wide screen.

z_z_www.davekess.com - Downloads (Dave Kees)
2 lessons: The Trading Game & The IELTS Writing Master. Both are PDF.

Ziesing, Michael
Ajarn Michael's Home Page - For Thai university students and teachers of English.

Zlabys, Arturas
English Language Teaching in Lithuania: Links, Register for using a bulletin board.

zz_Ahner, Howard
Pages for Mr. Ahner's students. Some pages are in Japanese. Gore in Easy English

zz_Ahnerm, Howard (Nobeoka, Japan)
Links to Weekly News by Howard Ahnerm

zz_Fern·ndez, Jose Mari
Web links for English study

zz_Hinchey, Dale
JESP-JEFL Web Pages and Kyudo Links , ESP-Law , Computer Assisted LL

zz_Vallance, Michael
My Resume

zzz_Karn, Lynda
Computer teacher at Weston Collegiate Institute, and working on a Master's of Ed. at OISE in Computer Applications, and Second Language Learning.

zzz_OFFLINE_Downey, John T - EFL resources for teachers and learners [FRAME]
A Swedish-based English teacher putting some some of his materials, links and re

zzz_Silva, Tony (Japan)
Course-specific information and useful links for students.

zzzz_John, Paul
An EFL teacher's personal journal about living and working in Vietnam

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