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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Bill Practical Phonetics Ear Training (John Maidment)
Materials posted for an ear training course.

English is Soup! A Phonics Resource for ESL Adults
Downloadable PDF files: Vowels and Vowel Blends, Vowels Sounds with R, ...

English Pronunciation Tip of the Day (John Maidment)
Useful for ESL teachers. Maybe also useful for advanced ESL students in the UK.

English Vowels Compared to Portuguese (Ricardo Schütz)
A phonological comparative analysis of vowels between English & Portuguese

English Vowels in IPA (Canadian English) (Kevin Russell)
The symbols have been used in a very close to the way they should be used in IPA

English with an accent (Rias van den Doel)
Experiment investigating native-speaker reactions to Dutch English

Introduction to English Phonetics - Online Book (University of Lausanne)
Sound Production, Consonants and Vowels, IPA, Fricatives, Laterals, ...

IPA Phones and Phonemes of English (George Dillon)
You can download a 6 Mb zip of this whole directory for offline studying.

Minimal Pairs, Listening Lists and More (Caroline Bowen)
For phonological and articulation therapy

Online Intonation - For teachers of ESL, not students. (John Maidment)
Exercises in JavaScript to help you learn a commonly-used system of notation.

Phonetic Flash (John Maidment)
Improve your knowledge of phonetic symbols.

Phthong for LIN100 (Henry Rogers, Michael Stairs)
A tutorial for the phonemic transcription of English

Producing Phonetic Transcriptions on your Computer (Karen's Linguistics)
PDF file. A straightforward guide to using IPA phonetic symbols software.

Pronunciation Diagnostic Test (Susan C. Anthony)
Model the sentence once, as the student repeats, listen for errors.

Pronunciation Problems for Brazilian Students (Karen Barnes)
Problems that Brazilian students face with the pronunciation of English.

Seminole Community College's ESOL Lesson Plans - Pronunciation
Downloadable PDF files.

SIL IPA Fonts - for both Macintosh and Windows
SIL IPA Fonts 1.2 & SIL IPA93 Fonts 2.0 are free.

www.englicious.com - Thad's Vacation Plans (Dmitrij Lebed)
A 'th' pronunciation practice dialog(ue).

www.englicious.com - The Thinker's Sister (Dmitrij Lebed)
A 'th' pronunciation practice dialog(ue), and a not-too-shabby poem, to boot.

www.speak-read-write.com - Minimal Pair Lists (Sally Jennings)
mat pat bat cat rat fat that hat knat / mad pad bad cad rad fad had / etc.

www.speech-language-therapy.com - Minimal Pair Lists
British spelling used.

www.teaching-esl-to-adults.com - English Past Tense Pronunciation (Debra Garcia)
How to teach pronunciation of past tense endings for regular verbs.

www.teaching-esl-to-adults.com - Teaching Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds (Debra Garcia)
How to teach the concept of voiced and unvoiced sounds.

www.teaching-esl-to-adults.com - Tongue Twisters for Pronunciation (Debra Garcia)
Better Botter's Better Batter, Betty Baotter had some butter, ...

z_Minimal Pairs - 40 Minimal Pairs Listed (Lucy Silver)
bleed-plead, cap-cat, came-cane, know-dough, fast-vast, gnat-mat, ...

zz_The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
You can download a GIF image of the entire alphabet.


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