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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

BogglesWorldESL.com (Previously BogglesWorld.com) (Chris Gunn)
Crosswords, Word Searches, Flash Cards, Verbs, Songs, Work Sheets, ...

Children of Japan (1941) Pre-war educational documentary film (Public Domain)
Good for use with EFL students in Japan. Clearly spoken English.

CIA Fact Book - USA Geography
This might be an interesting site to send your student to.

Conversation Questions - Saint Patrick's Day
Some questions which you can use in your ESL conversation classes.

Conversation Topics for Lonely Foreigners 101 (Jeremy Hart)
An article about 'safe' conversation topics.

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (Washington & Jefferson College)
License Free Photos for ESL

Design Your Own Game Boards (jc-schools.net)
Download the PowerPoint template.

DigitalChalkWorsksheets.com - ESL Images (Alex Reyes)
Downloadable PDF files with images and words. (free); flashcards

Do2Learn - Picture Cards (Flashcards, Coloring Images)
school, home, food, body parts, personal care, weather, fire safety, ...

EduPics.com - Educational Pictures for Primary School (Mike de Kievith)
Images you can download and print for young students.

ESL Action Photos (Barry Bakin)
38 photos of actions for educational use in the classroom.

ESL Action Photos Online (Barry Bakin)
Photos you can use.

Estuary English (John Wells)
The form of English widely spoken in London and around the Thames Estuary, UK

Futonge Kisito's ESL Galaxy - PowerPoint for the Classroom
PPS files: Presentations for Beginners/Kids and Higher Levels

Gender-Neutral Pronoun FAQ (John Williams)
Designed for native English speakers. Get a few ideas for creating a lesson.

genkienglish.net - Clip Art for ESL Flashcards (Richard Graham)
PDF files: hungry, tired, cold, sad, happy, rainy, cloudy, windy, ...

HTI Public Domain Modern English Collection (umich.edu)
Public Domain Texts you may be able to modify for classroom use.

International Children's Digital Library
Teachers may find books appropriate for ESL here. Student may need help finding

Letter Perfect English (Lorraine Jean Hopping)
How to create, adapt, and use language games, free activities to download

LitQuotes - Quotes From Literature
This might possibly be useful for teacher of advanced ESL students.

MES English - Flashcards, Game Cards and Bingo Cards (Mark Cox)
Printable PDF files: fruit, health, bedroom, countries, adjectives, kitchen, ...

Metaphor Resources (John Casnig)
Teacher and student resources for learning and using metaphors.

My Neighbor Totoro - Transcript Page (Bill Pellowe)
Teachers and students using videos would appreciate this accurate transcript.

Name Fruits and Vegitables - Aural Quiz
Example: Name a spiny, green vegetable that starts with A Answer: Artichoke

Paul Cockcroft's Literacy Resources - English
Antonyms, Plurals, Compound Words, Dialect, ...

PerpetualPreschool.com - Language and Literacy Ideas
Not for ESL, but you may find some good ideas here. (Over 150 Kb - be patient)

Personal Questions and Stock Replies to Personal Questions
RTF FILE: Questions that can be intrusive and conventional replies to such questions

Project Gutenberg - Etext Listings (Pietro Di Miceli)
A large archive of public domain texts in text file format.

Rainbow Educator's Network - Reading Passages (Gay & Lesbian Issues)
Elien Comes to Japan, AIDS Information, Quotations, Fighting Homophobia

School-Home Links Reading Kit (US Depart. of Education & Los Angel)
PDF files of handouts designed for American Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

Study Guides and Strategies (Joe Landsberger)
Teachers may want to refer advanced students to this website. (Public Service)

Survey of English Usage
Department of English Language and Literature at University College London.

Telephone Skills Resource Kit (Catholic Charities)
a curriculum guide, goal setting tools, sample lesson plans, worksheets, ...

Thanksgiving Day: Filled with Family Traditions and Food
Text & MP3 file in VOA Special English (clearly spoken with limited vocabulary)

Top 10 Male & Top 10 Female First Names in 2003
A list of common names to use in materials you are writing for your students? (Lots of advertising!)

Web Concordancer (English) (Chris Greaves)
Enter the search string and select a corpus file (WWwConcApp)

A community-edited encyclopedia on the Web. Simplified English, too.

Wikipedia: Spoken Word Versions Articles
Ogg audio format; GNU Free Documentation License

WPclipart.com (P. Sherman)
Public domain images that you can use anywhere.

ww.antimoon.com - Language learning: Myths and facts (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
My rebuttals of what I consider to be myths about language learning

www.abcteach.com - flashcards - people, places or things
father, mother, aunt, uncle, bedroom, bathroom, mop, toothbrush, etc.

www.antimoon.com - Why do people sign up for English classes? (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
My opinion

Feel free to use Barrys Clipart Server content in personal/ non profit projects.

Claims to have over 22,000 free images, clipart, illustrations and photographs.

www.do2learn.com - Clip Art / Picture Cards
Images to use to convey word meanings. (See this page to see an example.

www.eltlabs.org - Teaching English in Budapest (Anita Deri)
Materials to download for Budapest, Hungary.

www.englicious.com - Number Callout Dominos (Dmitrij Lebed)
A game to practice speaking numbers, including fractions, money, and phone #s.

www.englicious.com -The Cryptifier (Dmitrij Lebed)
A tool for creating cryptograms for the classroom. Insert text and CRYPTIFY!!

www.ESL-kids.com - Flashcards (Nick Ramsay)
PDF Files: Actions, Feelings, Months, Animals, Rooms, Shapes, ...

www.esl-lounge.com - Advanced Reading Comprehension - Jesus & The Aubergines (Neil Coghlan)
A short story with accompanying multiple choice questions.

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