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Activities for ESL Students
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Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

www.LetrasCanciones.org (David Alejos)
Lyrics search engine. Some Lyrics are translated into Spanish.

www.MusicalEnglishLessons.org - Worksheets for Songs (Bibi Baxter)
Index of lyrics and ESL/EFL exercises for each song

www.scoutsongs.com (Jonathan Glassman)
Action Songs, Boy Scout Songs, Girl Scout Songs, Patriotic Songs, Rounds, ...

www.songlyricscollection.com (Alex Smith)
Song lyrics of popular music artists. (Lots of ads)

www.StudyEnglishToday.net - English Lessons (Maria Boyanova)
Things to read with Bulgarian explanations.

www.StudyEnglishToday.net - Lyrics to Popular Songs (Maria Boyanova)
Imagine, Candle in the Wind, Foolish Games, Tears in Heaven, My Way, ...

www.tefl.net - song worksheets (Alex Case)
Photocopiable, for particular grammar, vocab and exam practice points

z_HawaiiZone.com - Sing Karaoke Online
Karaoke (in English) in QuickTime Movies on the Web.

z_Isabel's ESL Site - Teaching with Songs (Isabel Perez Torres)
A list of songs with related activities to practise vocabulary, grammar, sounds

z_www.Christmas-Carols.net (Joshua Smith)
Lyrics for classic Christmas carols. Some MIDI files, too.

z_z_Mrs. Jones' Sing Along Songs
For native-English speaking kids. Educational words for traditional songs.

z_z_Songs for Learning the Alphabet (David Holst - Mrs. Jones)
Most of these lyrics can be sung to commonly-heard folk songs.

z_z_www.eslsongsource.com (Craig Peterson)
ESL Song and Music Database

zz_lyricswave.com - Lots of lyrics (Trevor Porta)
Sorted by artist.

zz_www.bestlyrics.com (Michel Dallaire)
Get the lyrics for songs that are currently on the Top 30 Billboard Chart.

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