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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Plagiarism Checker (Brian Klug)
Cut and paste your students paper or homework assignment into the form.

The Silent Way (Une Education Pour Demain)
Theoretical and practical articles on the Silent Way approach.

Training for Impromptu Speaking and Testing Active Listening
By Cecilia B-Ikeguchi

Using Authentic Business Transcripts in the ESL Classroom
By Jonathan Clifton, The Internet TESL Journal, April 2005

Using Checklists to 'Standardise' Content
By Chien-Ching Lee, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2003

Using CNN News Video in the EFL Classroom
By Alan S. Mackenzie, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1997

Using Creative Thinking to Find New Uses for Realia
By Simon Mumford, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2005

Using E-mail in EFL Writing Classes
By Eui-Kap Lee, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1998

Using Expectations to Improve Learning
By Gena Bennett, The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. IX, No. 5, May 2003

Using Games in Language Teaching: Theory and Practice (Cesar Klauer)
What is a game, The teacher`s role in games, Organising games in class, ...

Using Games to Promote Communicative Skills in Language Learning
By Chen, I-Jung, The Internet TESL Journal, February 2005

Using Music in the Adult ESL Classroom
By Lems, Kristen, ERIC Digest, December 2001

Using News Stories in the ESL Classroom
By Robin Antepara, The Internet TESL Journal, December 2003

Using Oral History as a Resource in ESL Classes (William Woodward)
One paragraph and a few links.

Using Pair Taping
By Peter H. Schneider, The Internet TESL Journal, February 1997

Using Picture Dictation Exercises for Practising All Four Skills
By Sylvia Sao Leng Ieong , The Internet TESL Journal, February 2003

Using Pictures from Magazines
By Joep van der Werff, The Internet TESL Journal, July 2003

Using Postcards in the Classroom
By Peter Lobell, The Internet TESL Journal, January 1996

Using PowerPoint for ESL Teaching
By Don L. Fisher, The Internet TESL Journal, April 2003

Using Songs and Music in the EFL Class (Cesar Klauer)
Why use songs and suggestions for using them,

Vanishing Cloze (UNITEC)
Write a sentence. Students chorus it. Rub out every 7th word. Students chorus it

Video Production in the Foreign Language Classroom: Some Practical Ideas
By Sebastian Brooke , The Internet TESL Journal, October 2003

Videotaping an English Mini-drama in Your Classroom
By David G. Magnusson

Vocabulary Teaching Using Student-Written Dialogues
By Alice Dana Delaney Walker, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1995

Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes
By Aaron Patric Campbell , The Internet TESL Journal, February 2003

What to Do with Failing Students
By Marty Dawley, The Internet TESL Journal, April 1999

www.EFLliteratureCircles.com (Mark Furr)
This site focuses on why teachers should be using literature circles in EFL classrooms.

www.ielts.school.nz - Information on IELTS Teaching and Resources (Paul E Griffiths)
Information on teaching and studying the IELTS exam.

www.MusicalEnglishLessons.org - Helping Students with Special Learning Difficulties (Bibi Baxter)
Advice on helping students with special learning difficulties (1999)

www.squidoo.com - How To Make Quality Flashcards (Nick Upton)
A guide to creating flashcards that are effective and usable.

www.squidoo.com - Story Writing for Elementary Students (Nick Upton)
A guide to leading elementary students through story writing activities.

www.squidoo.com - Using Food Chains in Language Lessons (Nick Upton)
A guide to using food chains, food webs and food pyramids in language teaching.

www.teacherjoe.us - Advice, Ideas and Teaching Techniques (Joseph DeVeto)
Teaching ideas for large classes.

www.tefl.net - Liz Regan's Teaching Tips
Of help to new teachers or others who simply wish to brush up on their technique

www.teflalacarte.co.uk - TEFL a la Carte (David Scarbrough)
Downloadable materials for short training programmes for teachers of English.

www.TESOLonline.com (ITTT)
Offers online TEFL course and TEFL certification.

z_Circles Games (Joanna Budden)
What are they, why and when to use them, a few games, ...

z_Designing a WWW Reading Task (Sam Shepherd)
Search tasks, controlled site tasks, criteria for selecting websites, ...

z_Integrating Pronunciation into Classroom Activities (Barney Griffiths)
Usings student talk to teach pronunciation, word stress, vowel sounds, ...

z_Making Listening an Authentic Experience (Nik Peachey)
Types of tasks, preparing students, making it more authentic, some problems, ...

z_Managing Young Learners (Gail Ellis)
Classroom management and discipline, using the board, routines and activities,

z_Motivating Pupils to Read (Gail Ellis)
Creating motivational conditions, generating motivation, ...

z_Presenting Vocabulary (Richard Frost)
What students need to know, ways to present vocabulary, alternative ways, ...

z_Using Authentic Materials (Sam Shepherd)
Sources, An Example, Question of Levels, Dealing with Unknown Language, ...

z_Using Drama Texts in the Classroom (Henry Robinson)
Why use drama, learning activities using drama texts, ...

z_Using Flashcards with Young Learners (Joanna Budden)
Why use them, where to get them, types of activities, ...

z_Using News Articles (Gareth Rees)
Selection criteria, before reading, first reading, second reading, focus, ...

z_z_Lehren und Lernen Englisch (Klaus F. Maas)
This site is partially in English, partially in German. How to make lesson plans, classroom tests, grammar reviews, functions

z_z_Practical Ideas on Alternative Assessment for ESL Students
By Jo-Ellen Tannenbauma, Eric Digest, May 1996

z_z_Second Language Learning in a Social Context
By Rose Marie Beebe, Eric Digest, June 1994 (Activity Ideas)

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