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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

75 ESL Teaching Ideas
By Hall Houston, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1999

Activities That Work (FLTEACH FAQ) (Lee Risley)
Grammar Points, Spelling, Holidays, General Activities, Mini-Topics, ...

Authentic Materials: An Overview
by Alejandro G. Martinez, Karen's Linguistics Issues, February 2002

BYU's English Language Cybercenter - Teacher Corner (Glen Probst)
Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide, Best Teacher Description, Teacher Preparation,...

Classroom Activities Centering Around Word Lists (Carole Elkele)
Put in ABC order, Invent Riddles, Give Definitions, Count Letters,Make Sentences

Communicative English - A Practical Guide (JET Program)
Creating a Good Classroom Environment, Suggested Activities, ...

Conversation starters for students of different levels (Reid Wilson)
Please tell me about your family. What did you do yesterday? etc.

Crash Course in Copyright
What's fair use? and other questions answered.

DevelopingTeachers.Com - The Current Tip (Alistair Dickinson)
A page with a tip for the developing language teacher

DevelopingTeachers.com's Teaching Tips (Alistair Dickinson)
Dewi Saint, Toning It Down, Real Why Questions, Phoning, ...

English Language Institute - Technology Tip of the Month (Deborah Healey)
Often tips directly related to English teaching or English learning, always useful

eslreading.org - Course content suggestion by Rocky Nelson (Kieran McGovern)
For extensive reading

everythingesl.net - Activities for Newcomers (Judie Haynes)
Activity-based tips for new ESL students

everythingesl.net - Ask Judie
Judie Haynes will answer your questions about things related to ESL teaching

everythingesl.net - Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance (Judie Haynes)
Alleviate newcomers fear by creating a welcoming environment

everythingesl.net - Effective Back-to-School Nights (Judie Haynes)
How to put together an effective, low cost 'Back to School Night

everythingesl.net - English Language Learners and the Hidden Curriculum (Judie Haynes)
Teach your students culturally appropriate responses in a variety of situations

everythingesl.net - Graphic Organizers for Content Instruction (Judie Haynes)
Make content area information more accessible to English Language Learners

everythingesl.net - How to Develop Questioning Strategies (Judie Haynes)
Learn how to ask questions of newcomers at their level of language acquisition

everythingesl.net - Learning Disability or Language Development Issue? (Judie Haynes)
Helpful hints to determine if an ESL student needs special education

everythingesl.net - Study Skills for ELLs (Judie Haynes)
Teach studying techniques to your English language learners

everythingesl.net - Teaching to Students' Learning Styles (Judie Haynes)
A brief description of various learning styles and how to teach to them

everythingesl.net - The ESL Teacher as Cultural Broker (Judie Haynes)
Brief explanations of 10 activities for professional development programs.

everythingesl.net - Tips on Communicating (Judie Haynes)
Learn to effectively communicate with new English language learners

Extensive Listening (Rob Waring)
Links, Handouts, Research, What's Extensive Listening, Materials, Setting Up

FLTEACH FAQ - Classroom Management (Lee Risley)
Starting the Class, Transitions between Activities, Seating Charts, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Discipline in the Classroom (Lee Risley)
Maintaining Control While Still Having Fun, Basic Approach to Discipline, etc.

FLTEACH FAQ - Homework and Teacher Paperload (Lee Risley)
Dealing Fairly & Efficiently with Homework, Workbooks, etc.

FLTEACH FAQ - Main Page (Lee Risley)
Advice to New Teachers, Accent Marks, Activities That Work, Art Projects, ...

FLTEACH FAQ - Student Journals in the FL Classroom (Lee Risley)
Some teachers use student journals to help students become better organized.

Forty Helpful Hints & Tips for Making Your ESL Teaching Easier and More Fun
Printed in Hands-on English, July/August 1994

genkienglish.net - Lesson Plan - a fun 45 minutes! (Richard Graham)
How to plan a 45-minute lesson

genkienglish.net - Some General Hints and Pointers (Richard Graham)
Picture cards, Jaken, Vary-Vary-Vary, Keep things simple, ...

GigglePotz.com - Reading Ideas for ESL Teachers (Lawrence Sharon)
Predicting, Drawing Conclusions, Making Generalizations, ...

http://www.englishabroad.ca (Gordon Reisdorf)
An introduction to teaching English overseas

Merit Software Teaching Tips: Reading Fundamentals - Vocabulary
How to use software to improve students reading and vocabulary skills

Music in ELT (Marcin Stanowski)
Reasons for using music, songs, activities, lesson plans and links to websites.

My Philosophy for Teaching English for Business
By Lawrence Baron, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1998

Mostly articles by Dorit Sasson.

Perception in English Spelling (Andrew Weiler)
A quiz to help improve insights into English Spelling

Phil's EFL Support (Phil Quirke)
Givea EFL/ESL teachers studying Masters and Diplomas all the support they need.

Plain English Action Network (www.plainlanguage.gov)
How To Write in Plain English, Example Library, Reference Library, Legal Citations, ...

Reflections: A Learning Journal (Andrew E. Finch)
A collection of integrated, interactive, reflective activites for teachers

Six Tips for Teaching Lower Level Junior High School ESL Students
By Dorit Sasson, The Internet TESL Journal, July 2007

Spice Up Your Spelling Words (Lee Shiney)
40 ways to make spelling fun.

Successful Classroom Discussions with Adult Korean ESL/EFL Learners
By Hye-Yeon Lim & W. I. Griffith, The Internet TESL Journal, May 2003

Not specifically ESL/EFL: Offers Lesson plans, worksheets, ...

Teacher's Tips: Online Grammar Teaching and Learning
By Caroline Ho Mei Lin, The Internet TESL Journal, December 1997

Ten Ideas for Conversation (Lingolex , Granada, Spain)
Speaking for 1 Minute, Yes/No Game, Call My Bluff, Board Games, ...

TESL Resource Guide - Main Page (New Brunswick Department of Education)
A 'slide show' presentation. Understanding Second Language Learning, Tips for Tutors, Activities, Teaching and Learning Methods, ...

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