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Blogs by ESL/EFL teachers, blogs about English learning and teaching


Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Nathan's Updates from Seoul (Nathan Bauman)
A personal blog of an English teacher in South Korea

National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) Literacy Now (Meg Ivey)
Blog for teachers, parents etc.

Nik Peachey's Learning technology teacher development blog for ELT
Designed to aid English language teachers in their use of learning technology

Nik Peachey's Quick Shout (Nik Peachey)
For news, links and opinion on learning and technology

Patricia Galien's TESOL/ESL File Drawer
This blog features online materials and links.

Pearson Longman - ESOL TrendWatch (John Brezinsky)
Analysis and perspective on current trends in ESL/EFL teaching

Pearson Longman - ESOL World News (John Brezinsky)
Daily news stories on ESL/EFL, immigration, international students, etc.

pjgalien.wordpress.com - Non-Linear Interactive PowerPoint (Patricia Galien)
PowerPoint: Non-Linear, Animations, Exits, Entrances

pjgalien.wordpress.com - Writing (Patricia Galien)
Time Order; Space Order; Writing about Differences/Similarities

pjgalien.wordpress.com - Writing or Grammar Review Games (Patricia Galien)
You can download this Concentration game template

Pod-EFL (Graham Stanley)
A blog about podcasts. Includes links to podcasts on other servers.

primary3lbs.blogspot.com - Einsteins and Bubbles (Voicu Mihnea Simandan)
Class Blog - Life in Grade 3 at Ladprao Bilingual School

Romualdo Mabuan's the-esl-advocate.blogspot.com
Conversational patterns in English & other relevant information

Scott Sommers' Taiwan Weblog (Scott Sommer - Ming Chuan Universit)
The growing demand for quality language instruction in Taiwan has not been ....

SimpleSongs.blogs.com: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and all that (Devon Thagard)
I'm a children's English school director and materials developer in Tokyo.

TeacherDudeBBQ.blogspot.com (Craig Wherlock)
Random thoughts on teaching EFL/ESL and living in Greece

teachers-call.com (Eric Koshinsky)
Blogging about Computer Assisted Language Learning

Teaching English in Japan (Kate)
I have put together my opinions on the 5 major english companies in Japan.

Teaching English with Newspapers (Jon Fernquest)
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Teaching Graduate Students Research Writing: A Reflective Journal (Cate Crosby)
Various aspects of teaching

tefl.net's Teacher Blogs (Josef Essberger)
You can find teacher's blogs here and give your email address to register for one.

TEFLdailyGrind.blogspot.com (Unassuming Ajarn)
A TEFL teacher living and working in Bangkok, Thailand

TEFLtastic with Alex Case
Blog on teaching, Japan, footie and EFL books, in no particular order

The FCE Blog (Claudia Ceraso)
Webguide for students preparing for the FCE exam

TheNewTanuki.BlogSpot.com (Aaron Patric Campbell)
...for Aaron's EFL learners; english resources (web links); things for students

thespellingblog.blogspot.com - Spell Checkers - How useful are they? (Johanna Stirling)
Looking at a corpus of spelling errors - would a spell checker have helped?Quiz

TobySpiritualJourney.BlogSpot.Com (Toby Ung)
The blog of an ESL Teacher in the Philippines

Tom Leverett's Weblog (Thomas Leverett)
ESL teacher in Illinois, USA

UsingEnglish.com - Weblog (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
Weblog containing ideas, thoughts and musings about the English language

VanceStevens.BlogSpot.com (Vance Stevens)
I started this to help me keep track of information I encounter while surfing.

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

veebi.blogspot.com - Tips for Beginners

Weblogs in ELT (Graham Stanley)
A blog on of the use of weblogs with students in ELT

World Tour In China . blogspot.com (Larry Rhoe)
The blog about living and teaching in China

worldenglishclub.com - Improve My English (Ryan Kent-Temple)
Tongue Twisters

www.171english.cn - TEFL and Travel Resources (Jet Shing)
A blog about ESL and SEO.

www.bettertoeflscores.com (Michael Buckhoff)
The main page has a strange popup things, so we've linked to a subpage.

www.Bladensburg.blogspot.com (Sookhee K. Plotkin)
This blog site is to help students in Bladensburg Elementary School in Maryland

www.english360.com's Blog (Cleve Miller)
I'm a business English teacher and consultant currently based in Caracas.

www.ESL-Blog.com (James Trotta)
News, reviews, opinions and links for language teachers

www.esl-lesson-plan.com (P. Dean & M. Simmons)
ESL Teacher's adventures and a few successful classroom activities

www.esl-school.com (P. Dean & M. Simmons)
Blog about matters of interest to school administrators.

www.esl-secondlife.blogspot.com (Kip Boahn)
blog about second life

www.esl-tutor.com - Teaching ESL to Adults Blog (Debra Garcia)
Experiences with adult ESL students; grammar tips; self-employment. info.

www.ESLbase.com - TEFLblog (Keith Peter Taylor)
Jobs, courses, ideas and resources for TEFL teachers

www.ESLblogCafe.com (Mari Yamada)
As long as you're involved in ESL, get your blog for free with our ads.

www.ESLmonkeys.com (David and Mary Monk)
A blog-like website.

www.ESLpundit.com (Rajen Subba)
An ESL blog that will encourage discussions related to TESOL.

www.ESLteacherTalk.com (Eric Bush)
A podcast aimed at ESL teachers (part of www.mes-english.com)

www.etseverywhere.com - English Teachers Everywhere (Kevin McCaughey)
Audio files for innovative activities: songs, stories, karaoke, and more

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