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Blogs by ESL/EFL teachers, blogs about English learning and teaching


Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

www.FilmBlog.biz [FRAME] (Jeffrey Hill)
Concerned with using movies as a teaching and learning resource

www.free-esl-blogs.com (Henry Sean Sutton)
Register and write your own Teacher or Student blog for free.

www.learnenglish-a-z.com's blog (Maysaa)
You too can learn English easily from A to Z hassle free

www.meetingenglish.com/blog (Yoneticinin Iletisim Bilgileri)
A blog for English learners and teachers

www.PainInTheEnglish.com (Dyske Suematsu)
Categories: Etymology, Expressions, Grammar, Style, Mechanics, Usage, ...

www.readableblog.com - Readable Blog (Clarissa Ryan)
A blog of resources and ideas for English learners

www.ScotAndrews.com (Barcelona, Spain)
ELT, Communication, Mac; Business English, Class Topics, ...

www.StephenPieper.net - One Continuous Mistake
A daily attempt at writing (a weblog)

www.Tawawa.org - Big Tree (Rudolf Ammann)
An online community of both teachers and students of English.

www.teacherschinanetwork.com - Teachers China Network
An info portal and community for teaching considering China

www.TEFL Blogs.com (Darrel Farris)
You can host your own blog here for free if you register an email address.

www.teflnews.net - TEFL News Network (Andy Freeman)
News and Happenings in the TEFL World

www.TEFLwatch.org - Truth and Justice in the TEFL World (EF Librero)
My goal has always been to highlight the worst TEFL schools on this front page blog.

www.theLinguist.blogs.com (Steve Kaufmann)
Sharing my experiences in learning to speak 9 languages.

www.victor-english4dummies.blogspot.com (Victor Ambrose)
This blog records some papers specific to TESL matters.

www.xiangtan.co.uk (Paul Sparks)
Paul Sparks, Teaching English in China, About Me

www.xomba.com - How To Become and English Teacher Living Abroad: Part 1 (Christophor Rick)
How I became an English teacher. (Scroll past the ads to find the article.)

Yokkaichi1.blogspot.com (Dan Kirk)
The politics, economics, education and environment of EFL in Japan.

YouTube Video: Breaking Bad Teaching Habits (TEFLVideos.com)
The teacher demonstrates three common teacher habits and how to break them.

z-An Anonymous Blog - RedCamaroCruiser.blogspot.com
Devoted to Learning English and Portuguese

z-An Anonymous Blog - AskDoctorEnglish.blogspot.com
Ask questions here.

z-An Anonymous Blog - Blinger.org - EFLgeek.com - ESL & EFL in Korea
A blog about linguistics and teaching ESL - practicing theory

z-An Anonymous Blog - Hong Kong English Teacher
Description of teaching life in a higher education centre

z-An Anonymous Blog - IELTS-Blog
Offers free help in preparation for IELTS exam: tips, strategies, exercises

z-An Anonymous Blog - ttoll.blogspot.com - The Tao of Language Learning
Embedded video listening practice

z-An Anonymous Blog - ulaanbaanjo.blogspot.com
Teaching English as a foreign language in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

z-An Anonymous Blog - www.DailyEFLl.com (Billy)
A blog about games, lesson plans, techniques, and resources

z-An Anonymous Blog - www.eslteachertraining.com (Jon)
Blog that contains links to various schools and articles.

z-An Anonymous Blog - www.teachingenglishinasia.net (Earl)
Observations and Comments from an ESL teacher

z_z_ESLEFL.CrimsonBlog.com (Andy Davis)
Dedicated to locating and commenting on ESL/EFL weblogs

z_z_Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL
New websites each day helpful to ESL

z_z_www.DaveKees.com (Dave Kees)
Blog on Teaching English in China

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