1. Input a non-frame URL.
    • Since many people in the ESL/EFL/TESL/TEFL world are on slow connections we list non-frame urls.
  2. Go to the page and copy the URL which shows in your browser. This avoids typing mistakes.
  3. If the URL is not registered, you will then be able to register it and add a one line description.
  4. If you have a FRAME, you'll be able to also register the FRAME URL at that time.
  5. Please don't submit URLs that redirect to another URL.

Sites not related to studying English as a Second Language will not be added.

Paste the non-frame URL here.
Example: http://www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/
(Don't forget to include the "http://")


Q: May I submit pages that are not my own?
A: Yes. If you have found pages that you or your students have found useful, please share this information with others who use our database.

Q: How can we get listed?
A: Input your URL above, then follow instructions. However, if we feel yours is not appropriate, we will delete it.

Q: Is there any fee involved?
A: There is no charge.

Q: May I submit more than one URL?
A: Non-commercial sites may submit as many direct links to appropriate material on their websites as they like. This makes it easy for users of our search engine to find what they are looking for.

Q: I would rather use a slogan or a site description instead of the page name or site name for the link "title." Is this OK?
A: No. All such submissions will be renamed or deleted.

Q: May I submit pages that are not in English?
A: No. Even if the topic is about studying English, if our staff cannot read the page, it will be deleted.

Q: I recently submitted a my webpage, but can't find it on your list. What happened? Where is it?
A: Here are a few possible reasons.

Please note that you can put your URL (or just the domain name) into our search engine to see if your URL has been added to the database.

Sites need to be related to studying English as a Second Language.