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Category: ESL:Culture

The English Learner Movie Guides [FRAME] (Raymond Weschler)
Vocabulary, cultural references, characters, plot and more of popular films!

Category: ESL:Student Projects

Kansai Gaidai University's Communicative English Musings (Scott Duarte)
Video and audio segments written, produced, filmed and edited by KGU Students

Category: ESL:Video

Counting Video (People in Order) (The Portable Film Festival)
Good for ESL students: watch many people beat a drum and give their age.

www.archive.org/details/feature_films (Claimed to be public domain)
Over 600 classic videos in MP4 (for iPod, etc.), MP2 (for DVDs) and MPEG1.

www.youtube.com - English Verbs That Start with F (10:15) (Ji Shui laoshi)
(be set) free, fear, film, flush, frighten, fall, fake, fail, face up to, faint

Category: TESL:Articles:z Other

Using Films to Develop Learner Motivation
By Stephen Ryan, The Internet TESL Journal, November 1998

Category: TESL:Handouts for Classroom Use

EFL / ELT Film and Video Resources (Graham Stanley)
Teacher/Student worksheets and ideas for classes - films include Vertigo...

Category: TESL:Personal Pages of ESL Teachers

Flotats, Sergi
I use short films on video with EFL students. (Spain)

Category: TESL:Raw Materials for Lessons

Children of Japan (1941) Pre-war educational documentary film (Public Domain)
Good for use with EFL students in Japan. Clearly spoken English.

www.WingClips.com - inspirational movie clip (Mitch Irion)
Movie clips from Hollywood films.

Category: TESL:Weblogs

www.FilmBlog.biz [FRAME] (Jeffrey Hill)
Concerned with using movies as a teaching and learning resource

Category: Various:Schools for ESL

London Language and Drama School, STAR TEK associates (Michelle Newman)
English, Business English, Drama, Acting, Film, Media, Art Courses

Category: Various:z HTML Heavy Pages

esl.about.com - Grammar Review Lesson: The Final Scene (Kenneth Beare)
For the classroom. Have the students use the final scene of a film to generate grammar review questions.

z_esl.about.com - English Conversation Lesson Concerning Movies, Films, Actors and Accesses (Kenneth Beare)
A lesson plan for teachers. Almost anywhere you go these days people love to talk about what they have seen in the cinema.


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