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Category: ESL:Bilingual:Chinese English

English.sohu.com's Language Tips
Online LIstening, News Makers, Words and Stories, ...

z_z_www.listeningexpress.net - 900 Expressions - (English/Chinese) (Zhicheng Qian)
English sentences with Chinese translations. Download the RealAudio files.

Category: ESL:Bilingual:Japanese English

Various MP3 files for listening practice, taken from BBC, VOA, etc.
RSS = http://ei-go.seesaa.net/index20.rdf

EigoDen - Listening Quizzes
Listen using RealAudio, then answer the 3 multiple-choice questions. (7 Quizzes)

Mainichi Chokotto Listening Tokkun Podcast (In Japanese and English)
3 to 5 minutes, about 3 times a week, no wasted time with off topic chatter.

Mainichi Chotto Listening Tokkun (Podast in Japanese about English)
4 minute shows
RSS = http://asahi-press.seesaa.net/index20.rdf

www.EigoListening.com - ESL Listening for Japan (David Moskowitz)
A website for Japanese to practice English listening skills.

Category: ESL:Bilingual:Spanish English

Mansioningles - Main Page (Craig Wealand & Luis Blanco)
Listening, Vocabulary, ...

Category: ESL:Dialogs

Dialogue - Baby Talk (Eigoden.co.jp)
Valeria has offered to babysit for the day.

Dialogue - Fashion (Eigoden.co.jp)
On his way to work, Greg runs into Sally who is walking her dog.

Dialogue - O Christmas Tree (Eigoden.co.jp)
Mike wants to get rid of his Christmas tree, so he calls the city waste removal.

Dialogue - Welcome to the Team (Eigoden.co.jp)
Rick is introducing Juliet to co-workers on her first day of work.

English Conversations You Can Use (EigoDen.co.jp)
Dialogs with RealAudio files. You can ignore the Japanese on the page.

Category: ESL:Games:Games Requiring Flash or Shockwave

ESL Blues Listening Exercise: Numbers 2 (Eifion Pritchard)
Choose the ball that corresponds to the high number that you hear

www.ExamEnglish.com - London Test of English level 5 (Steve Chadwick)
Free listening practice test

Category: ESL:Grammar and English Usage

BBC's Skillwise
Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Listening and Vocabulary

www.antimoon.com - Input - Getting English into your head (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
Why input (reading and listening) is the way to learn English well.

Category: ESL:Idioms and Slang

www.PhrasalVerbDemon.com (Juan Antonio Prez)
Listening, Corpus, Dictionary, Particles, Quizzes, Reading, Games, Grammar, ...

Category: ESL:Listening

English Listening Language Lab Online (Todd Beuckens)
Practice English listening with animations, songs, games, news, and interviews.

ESL-Bits.net - Advanced Listening with Audio Script [FRAME] (Skip Reske)
Contemporary topics. Two listening speeds with read-along text.

ESL-Bits.net - Intermediate to Advanced Listening with Audio Script (Skip Reske)
Two listening speeds with read-along text. VOA Special English, PBS. etc.

ESL-Bits.net - Listening with Text - Barack Obama's Speeches (Skip Reske)
Obama on the Jay Leno Show, Inauguration Speech and more. 2 speeds for audio

Lauri's ESL Website--Listening (Lauri Fried-Lee)
Various Listening Activities for ESL students

LyricsGaps.com - Listening Exercises (Miguel Martin De La Fuente)
Using YouTube videos, you can do karaoke or gap fill exercises

News Reports - Listening Exercise (RealAudio) (Prosperity Ltd.)
The link on the left is the listening. The link on the right the text.

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