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Category: ESL:Pronunciation

Minimal Pairs - live or leave, etc. (Okanagan University College - Canada)
Shockwave with sound: bid-bead, gin-jean, grin-green, lick-leak, ...

Okanaga University College - Online Pronunciatin Materials (Brian Rhodes)
Minimal Pairs (Shockwave), dictation, video, ...

www.Fonetiks.org/shiporsheep (Tim Bowyer)
British English pronunciation using minimal pairs.

www.fonetiks.org/shiporsheep - minimal pairs
audio files and images

Category: ESL:Quizzes:Requiring Flash or Shockwave

Randomizer - Minimal Pairs - I wanna prize. / I won a prize. (Jim Duber)
Practice the minimal pair 'wanna - won a' (Requires Shockwave)

Randomizer - Minimal Pairs - Is this [ door / store ] open? (Jim Duber)
Practice the minimal pair 'door - store' (Requires Shockwave)

Randomizer - Minimal Pairs - The men came. / The man came. (Jim Duber)
Practice the minimal pair 'men - man' Requires Flash 4.0+.

Category: ESL:Quizzes:Self Study

Minimal Pairs - [ee] vs. [i] (Catherine Rifkin)
Easy to Medium, 20 Questions, Vocabulary & Pronunciation

Category: TESL:Handouts for Classroom Use

z_www.EnglishMaterials.com - PDF File - L & R Bingo (Suzanne Klein)
Practice distinguishing between L and R minimal pairs.

Category: TESL:Lessons

Minimal Pair Card Game for Improving Pronunciation and Listening (Luke Kutszik Fryer)
A way to use the card game 'Fish' with ESL students

Category: TESL:Pronunciation

Minimal Pairs, Listening Lists and More (Caroline Bowen)
For phonological and articulation therapy

www.speak-read-write.com - Minimal Pair Lists (Sally Jennings)
mat pat bat cat rat fat that hat knat / mad pad bad cad rad fad had / etc.

z_Minimal Pairs - 40 Minimal Pairs Listed (Lucy Silver)
bleed-plead, cap-cat, came-cane, know-dough, fast-vast, gnat-mat, ...


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