(Photo coutesy of Korean Office of Information)

With the approach of night, the newly-married couple would retire to their room. It was great sport for relatives to peep into the room by making holes in the paper doors. The bridegroom would first take off the bride's headgear, undo her coat string, and remove only one of her socks. He would then put out the candle with a stick he prepared for this purpose. Once they entered the room, they could not leave until sunrise, when the young husband would then visit with his in-laws.

The newly-married couple, accompanied by the bride's father or uncle and a small procession carrying various articles, would travel to the bridegroom's home. The bride usually rode in a palanquin while the bridegroom led the procession on horseback. After staying a few days at the groom's house, the couple would again travel to the bride's home to report to her parents. There would be a large party to familiarize the groom with the bride's family. This was characterized by much rough handling of the groom. If he was not witty or generous, he would be forced to drink much and be hit on the soles of his feet with dried fish or sticks.

2) Role-play

Student A: You are a foreigner. Ask student B about the picture on this page
("Who?" "What?", "Where?", "When?", "Why?").

Student B: Explain the picture on this page to student A, who is a foreigner.