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About the Internet and Online Newspapers
An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL Students

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Some of the links have changed, so this treasure hunt is currently not usable.

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Visit these links to find the answers to the questions.

1. ILC Glossary of Internet Terms

There are lots of new technical words used in Internet studies. This is a glossary or dictionary of those words. Find the definitions in the ILC glossary. If it is a long definition just write down the first two or three sentences.

2. URL's: Internet Domain Names for Different Types of Organisations

URL's are made up of domain names. There are diffferent domain types for different types of organisations where web servers are located

3. URL's: Different Domain Names for Different Countries

Country domain names are also parts of URL's. Each country has a different country domain name.

4. Atlas of the World Wide Web

Read this page to find out how old the World Wide Web is.

5. Internet Growth

Hobbes Internet timeleine gives a history of the Internet. Near the bottom of the timeline there are a number of graphs and tables that show how much the Internet has grown. Scroll down to the graphs and tables and answer these questions

6. The Irresponsible Internet Statistics Generator

According to the author of this page it is called the "Iresponsible Internet Statistics Generator" because
However, you can still get an approximate idea about future growth from this page

7. Online Newspapers

These sites all contain links to online newspapers: Find the links to online newspapers or news services from your country-of-origin. Your first task is to read and summarise the main national story in the latest edition of the newspaper. Your second task is find the weather forecast for today in the capital city of that country. (Note: Weather information is not available in all these newspapers. If you can't find the weather information for the capital city of your country-of-origin, get the weather forecast for today in Melbourne, Australia)

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