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Using AltaVista
An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL Students

Visit these links to find the answers to the questions.

Try These Searches

  1. This will find every page with the word "dog" and with the word "house".

  2. This will find pages with the phrase "dog house".

  3. This means the word "dog" must be on the page, but the word "house" must not be on the page.

  4. dog will find both "dog" or "Dog"

  5. Dog only finds "Dog", so it is better to use lower case letters.

  6. dog* will find both "dog" and "dogs", also "dogwood", and so on.

Now Let's Start Our Hunt

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More Fun

How to Avoid Some Advertising

This will find "dog", but will not find pages with a link to "linkexchange" or "commonwealth" or "eads" which are a few of the places which put advertising banners on pages.

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