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Touring Australia
An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL Students

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Some of the links have changed, so this treasure hunt is currently not usable.

Please try another treasure hunt.

Visit these links to find the answers to the questions.

Map of Australia

(Hint: Click on the picture of the Great Barrier Reef. Scroll down.)

Distances across Australia

Bus travel

(Hint: Click on fare prices and other links at the bottom.)

Train travel

(Hint: You will need to click on the links to 'fares' and to 'holidays and travel'. You may need to hunt around to find the answer to questions two and three!)

Air travel

(Hint: You can fill in information about where you are leaving from and travelling to and then click on 'search'. For an overseas destination you can try clicking 'International Airfare Specials'.)

Great Barrier Reef

Scroll down to half way through the page and answer these questions.

Uluru National Park

(Hint: Scroll down below the pictures.)


(Hint: To find Fairndale, scroll down to the bottom and click on North Queensland.)

Traveller's Tales

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