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George Washington
An Internet Treasure Hunt for ESL Students

Visit these links at http://www.mountvernon.org/visit/ to find the answers to the questions.
  1. Let's start outside the Mount Vernon Mansion, at the necessary.
    • What is a necessary?
  2. Visit the kitchen.
    • What time was breakfast served?
    • Who did the cooking?
  3. Visit the guestroom.
    • What river can be seen from this room?
    • In what year was the south wing completed?
  4. Visit the master bedroom.
    • How many years were Mr. and Mrs. Washington married?
  5. Visit the kitchen garden
    • In what year was this garden built?
  6. Visit the page called Washington's Five Farms
    • Name four crops that were grown on his farm.
  7. Take the Pioneer Farm Quiz
    • What was your score?
  8. True or False.
    • George Washington had slaves.
      If you don't know yet, visit this page.

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