How to Write a Treasure Hunt for ESL Students


The Tresure Hunts for ESL Students project is a group of treasure hunts produced by ESL/EFL teachers around the world. Anyone who is interested in trying to write a few to add to our collection should feel free to participate. All acceptable submissions (meaning probably all submissions) will be put online and may be accessed by students all over the world at:

Guidelines for Writing "Treasure Hunts"

How to Write a Treasure Hunt Page

  1. Visit one of the existing "treasure hunts".
  2. Save that page as "source", to get the HTML version onto your disk.
  3. Read the "source" with a text editor or a word processor.
  4. Delete the unecessary stuff, keep the basic layout, then add your own stuff.
  5. E-mail it to
  6. We will then put it online and link to it from the main page of the treasure hunts.

HTML Basics

You don't need to understand much about HTML in order to write a quiz. However, you should know the following.