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Memory Game (Long and Short Forms)

Level: Medium to Difficult

RULES: The same rules as the regular memory games(the only difference is they are going to match the long forms with the sort forms).

Foreign students sometimes do not realize there are many reductions in English. They feel frustrated when they are not able to understand spoken English. This is in part to because they are not aware of short forms. A way to help them is by showing same expressions in both short and long forms. Examples:

want to- wanna
going to-gonna
ought to-outta
a lot of- alotta
see you-seeya
got to-gotta
let me-lemmi
give me-gimmi
what have-wattav

I advise the teacher to read aloud the cards when the students pick them up in order to encourage them to repeat and learn them.

Submitted by Pablo Ortega Juárez portegaj63$$$hotmail.com

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