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Spelling Review

Level: Medium

This activity will make students rewiew spelling in a funny way. You can create similar spellings as the following ones:

I.1.2.C.U = I want to see you
R.U.O.K? = Are you O.k?
I´s T = Iced tea
I.C.Q = I seek you
I.O.U. = I owe you
E.Z. = Easy
B.Z. = Busy
I.1.T = I want tea
I.8 = I ate
U.2 = You two/ you too.
Y? = Why?
C.U.$$$.9 = See you at nine
2E.Z.4U = Too easy for you
R.U.D.Z? = Are you dizzy?

------ = I understand

Submitted by Pablo Ortega Juárez portegaj63$$$hotmail.com

Copyright (C) 2001 by The Internet TESL Journal