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Bingo Adapted

Level: Any Level

Use basic Bingo board (3x3 0r 5x5 with the middle crossed out)

1. Simple vocabulary bingo
From the list of words the students (Ss) are required to learn they select 9 (or 24) . Teacher to call Bingo 2 or three times until everyone knows their card.

2. Teacher calls the words. Ss with those words have to shout them out. Only the first one to shout gets to cover the square.

3. Grammar point or sentence structure.
Call the words. The first student to shout out their word in the the required structure gets to cover the square.

eg. To use the present perfect.
After practising the vocabulary Ss have to say I've been a nurse or never been a nurse.
NB the truth is not important. I was happy with I've been a village once as long as they knew what was wrong.
Gets very competitive and noisy.
Do not do with a hangover unless you get the winning student to be the bingo caller.

Submitted by Jo

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