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Create Your Own Similes

Level: Easy to Medium

  1. Present a few similes and the sample sentences to the class. Write the sentences with underline.
    Ex. - The baby's skin was as white as snow.
    - Finishing up the project by himself,the boy was as
    - proud as a peacock.
  2. Prepare flashcards with one adjective on each. Students pick out one card in turn and create similes by using the adjective on the card. Emphasize that unique ideas are welcome. Instructor shouldn't be judgmental, and accept any similes as long as they are logical.
    Ex. - as big as Mt. Fuji / as soft as a cotton candy
    Students compare their ideas and discuss which ones are interesting or funny.
  3. If time allows play a song which includes a simile, for example the jazz song "As deep as the ocean" and discuss the usage and effectiveness of the simile.
This activity fosters students' creativity and encourage their active participation in the lesson.
Submitted by Mari Nakamura

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