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Role Play: The Exclusive Picture

Level: Medium to Advanced


The editor of a newspaper, whose sales are not going well at the moment, has just received a very graphic photo of a horrendous accident involving a school-bus and which occurred on a nearby motorway due to heavy fog. In the photo, you can see the injured and dead strewn around the crash scene. The rest is easy to imagine. The problem is whether to publish it or not. The image could shock, all the more so if it is on the front page. Should not the victims be left in peace, and not appear on the cover of a newspaper. Then again, perhaps by publishing this photo, the editor seeks to educate would-be careless drivers, or would-be drink-drivers. Of course, why should these victims be used as free advertising? Also, it is news, and nobody can fault a journalist for airing a story and photo. Moreover, the photo will attract, perhaps, new customers; people have a morbid interest in the misfortunes of others, it is said.

Role players:

(The ages and marital status may be altered as you see fit).

Facts on newspaper:


Teacher collects main arguments raised and writes them down in order to fully tease out what was said, the validity/logic of same.

A more open " casual" group debate can ensue in the wake of the role play.


Instead of a photo, it could be a nasty story about a local hero/personality.

Off-shoot Activity:

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