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20 True or False Items

Level: Easy to Medium

Print this out and give it to your students.

  1. I never go to bed after 1 am
  2. I study English more than 2 hours a week
  3. I had a great time at secondary school-I loved it
  4. My ambition in life is to get a permanent job
  5. My parents started giving me pocket money when I was five
  6. I don't mind wet days, there are still plenty of things to do
  7. I really believe that motorbikes are dangerous
  8. Parents spoil their children nowadays
  9. The beach is for relaxing and doing nothing
  10. I am an adventurous person
  11. I never run for a bus-I can catch the following one
  12. In the end, most people are very nice
  13. I absolutely hate Mondays
  14. I have never stolen anything-never
  15. People who smoke are crazy
  16. Tall men/women are more interesting than small ones
  17. People who watch more than 2 hours of TV a day are wasting time
  18. Spending 4,000 pesetas on a permanent is immoral
  19. Keeping animals at home is cruel
  20. I am intelligent
Submitted by Gerard Counihan

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