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A Four-Unit EFL Course for Adults - Unit 4

Getting to know each other, Traveling, Staying at a hotel, Sightseeing, Write a dialog, Map quiz, Pronunciation practice and quiz

Getting To Know Each Other . . . . . Partner 1

  1. I have been to __________ . Have you?
  2. I like to eat ____________ . Do you?
  3. I like to go to _____________. Do you?
  4. I like to watch ____________ . Do you?
  5. I enjoy ___________ . Do you?
  6. I often ____________ . Do you?
  7. I am ___________ centimeters tall. How about you?
  8. I can ____________ . Can you?
  9. I study English because ____________ . Why do you study?
  10. I sometimes _____________. What about you?

Getting To Know Each Other . . . . . Partner 2

  1. Where is ___________?
  2. What is north ( south, east, west) of ____________?
  3. Which way is ____________?
  4. How far is _____________ from Nagoya?
  5. How can I go to __________________?
  6. How many kilometers is it to _________________?
  7. How much time does it take to get to _________ from here?
  8. What is the best way to go to ______________?


Asking Directions:

Where is the post office?
Which way is the post office?
How far is the post office?
How can I get to the post office?

Giving Directions:

Turn right at the bank.
It's two miles east of here.
Go north two blocks.
.....(north, south, east, west)
It's next to the Esso gas station.

In Front Of The Department Store

A Excuse me. Where is Thriftway Supermarket?
B It's near the post office.
A How can I get there?
B Go south three blocks. It's on the left.
A Thanks.

Looking For the International Hotel

A Is this the way to the International Hotel?
B Yes, it is.
A How far is it?
B About 5 minutes.
A Thanks.

Staying At a Hotel

Useful Sentences:

This is Itoh in room 307.
Please wake me at six.
Please pick up my suit for dry cleaning.
I'd like a bottle of champagne.
When does the bar open?
Please pick up my bags in room 307.

At The Hotel

A My name is Tanaka. I have a reservation.
B Yes, your room is 307. Here's your key.
A Please send up my bags.
B Yes, sir. / Yes, ma'am.


Useful Sentences:

What tours do you have of the city?
Where is the museum?
What tourist attractions do you recommend?
I'd like to rent a car.
Do you have a map?
Where can I find information?

At The Front Desk

A What tourist attractions do you recommend?
B The aquarium is nice.
A How can I get there?
B Take the number 25 bus.
A How much does the bus cost?
B It costs $1.50.
A How much time does it take?
B About 20 minutes.
A What time does the aquarium open?
B It opens at 9:30.
A Thanks.

Make a Dialog With Your Partner










Quiz . . . . . Jackson Hole Picture Map

  1. What state is this map from?

  2. Is the food good at the Sugarfoot Cafe?

  3. What number is the Village Inn near?

  4. How many banks are there in Jackson Hole?

  5. What restaurant is near the 49er Inn?

  6. What are two Chinese Restaurant names ?

  7. What would you like to do and see?

Pronunciation . . . . . . . Consonants

square  shrine   sleep    small   snow   speak    spring   stamp   straight	 three
squid   shrimp   slow     smell   snake  speech   spray    stand   strong    throw
squeak  shrink   slipper  smile   snore  sport    spread   star    street    throat		

laughs  maps     guests   belt    bath   six      hats     baths   canŐt     tenth
graphs  steps    rests    adult   with   likes    cats     deaths  went      seventh
coughs  trips    tests    insult  teeth  cakes    visits   paths   count     ninth
1. a. tense b. tenth 6. a. straights b. straight
2. a. bath b. bass 7. a. tease b. teeth
3. a. rest b. rests 8. a. throw b. throat
4. a. pass b. paths 9. a. stray b. spray
5. a. square b. scare 10. a. THE b. END

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