Internet Basics for ESL Students
A 14-Lesson Introduction to Using Computers and the Internet for Students of English as a Second Language

By Jim Schweizer

The Lessons

  1. Basic Computer Terms and the History of the Internet
    Basics of the web browser
  2. Hardware and Internet Software
    ESL home pages
  3. Computer Problems and Peripherals
    Boolean search methods/search engines
  4. Operating Systems - Windows 95
    Introduction to UNIX
  5. Using Email (1)
    Send email to the teacher, cc and bcc friends
  6. Multimedia
    Search the Internet and identify 6 file types
  7. Internet Service Providers
    View 4 Okayama ISP's home pages
  8. Using Email (2)
    Join a mailing list (read the ML replies)
  9. Communication
    Email and Internet search
  10. The Net
    Write a basic web page
  11. Mailing Lists
    Find a mailing list
  12. Ethics and Privacy
    Examine cookie files and visit commercial sites
  13. Newsgroups
    Find newsgroup archives
  14. Business on the Internet
    Take a quiz and show the class your favorite Internet site

For Further Study

Copyright (C) 1998 by Jim Schweizer (
This web-based textbook is hosted by The Internet TESL Journal at Jim Schweizer wrote this textbook for his own students when he was teaching English in Japan.