Internet Basics for ESL Students
Lesson 9

keywords: download, version, folder, anonymous, shareware


Dialogue 1: Downloading Netscape

a server

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Jim: I want to get the newest version of Netscape. How do I do it?
Paul: You will need to use FTP to download it from Netscape.
Jim: Is it difficult?
Paul: Not really. Go to the Netscape site, and choose the one you want.
Jim: Anything else?
Paul: Yes, don't forget which folder it's in.

Demonstration: downloading a file from Netscape.

Browsers now let you do anonymous FTP. All you'll need to do is find the file you're looking for, click on the file name and save the file to disk.

Dialogue 2: Shareware

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Jim: Thanks for finding that new program. How much is it?
Paul: It's shareware, and it costs $20.
Jim: What's shareware?
Paul: Shareware is software you can try for free. If you like it, you send money to the author.
Jim: Oh, I see.

a 56K modem

Fill in the blanks using these words:

English, Email, shareware, Internet, download

People in many countries use the
to communicate. Most people write
to their friends and family. Some people
software and games. Often, this software is
,and it's important to pay the person who wrote it. Studying
will help you use the Internet.

Using the Email program: Click on the Mail icon. Then select Receive Mail(M). After that, in the Mail window, select Mail then Options. Next, in the Option window, select Server and enter your name, Email address and your account name. Do not enter your password.

Dialogue 3

ProComm box

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Linda: I have a few questions.
Jim: What are they?
Linda: What are computers? How do we build them? How do we talk to them? Can they think?
Jim: Wow! Those are hard questions. Maybe the answers are on the Internet.

Writing an Email: When the Email program has your name, Email address and password you can write a message to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Click on the New Mail button, and type in the address of the person you want to send the mail to. Then click on the Send/Receive button and enter your password.

Activity: Send an Email to your partner. Ask him/her to find something on the Internet. Find what your partner is looking for then send an Email back with the URL.

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