Internet Basics for ESL Students
Lesson 4
Operating Systems - Windows 95

keywords (Windows 95): OS, DOS, icon, button, delete, directories/folders, Explorer, files, password, tool bars, cut and paste.


Dialogue1: the computer is working - now to learn Windows 95.

OS Wars

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Jim: Windows 95 is easy to use.
Paul: Yes, and it's a lot of fun too.
Jim: Can you show me how to find programs and files?
Paul: Sure, to find files use the Explorer program. Let me show you.
Jim: Hey, that is easy!

review other OSs: Macintosh, UNIX:
Apple was started in the 1970s by Steve Jobs. He started the company in his garage with little money. Then he built the first computer that was easy to use. Today, Apple computers are very popular in education and graphics. UNIX: Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie first wrote UNIX at AT&T Bell Labs. It was the first popular multi-user, multi-tasking operating system. There are many versions, and it is still popular for large networks and university systems. This textbook is on a UNIX system.

Dialogue 2

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Paul: Each window has three buttons on the right side of the strip at the top.
Jim: What do they do?
Paul: The one on the right closes the window, the middle one maximizes, and the one on the left minimizes.
Jim: Look, the middle one changed when I clicked on it.
Paul: That's right. Now it's called the restore button.


Windows tips and tricks:

1. Never turn off a computer without shutting down Windows first.
2.If an application stops working try holding down the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time. This will bring up the Close Program dialogue box and allow you to stop the program that doesn't work.
3. A quick way to get to the Start Menu is by hitting Ctrl + Esc.

Dialogue 3

Netscape GUI

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Linda: I don't understand the difference between GUI and CUI.
Mary: GUI (pronounced "gooey") means Graphical User Interface and CUI is Common User Interface.
Linda: So, how are they different?
Mary: When programs first started using graphical interfaces you had to learn a different way of using each program. The way you opened files, printed them and saved them was different for each program.
Linda: I see. CUI means that all the programs look and operate the same. Once you know how to cut and paste it's the same in all programs.

Introduction to UNIX

This web page is on a UNIX computer. UNIX is a lot like DOS only more difficult to master.

Introduction to networked computers.

Using chat.

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